Studies Say Your Birth Season Reveals Part Of Your Personality (Mine’s Spot On) Pick Your Birthday Season…

Time magazine recently released an article connecting the research between many personality traits and the season which people were born. The season of one’s birth; be it summer, fall, winter or spring, correlated with some interesting statistics according to researchers. Scientists have been building up a small but increasingly persuasive body of evidence showing that there may indeed be some connection between the season a person is born in and certain conditions.

Throughout human history, seasons have affected the development of children in the womb by affecting the food which has been naturally available. Babies born during famines tend to be frailer than babies born during times of harvest, and when diets are low in protein, vitamin C and vitamin D, brain and heart development can be affected. Being pregnant during wintertime, during the short days and long nights, can sometimes cause seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in mothers as they receive minimal amounts of sunlight, with low serotonin levels in the maternal brain potentially leading to similar shortfalls in the baby.

One study conducted on mice found that mouse pups born and raised in simulated winter light did not adjust well to a change to summer light, and exhibited poorer feeding habits and activity levels. Mice born and raised in summer light had no such problems adjusting to winter conditions. The following studies of the brains of the mice found that a gene that regulates circadian rhythms was overall less active in the winter-born mice.

While scientists have been working hard to extend these findings to humans, here is what they have found so far that explains how your birth season reveals parts of your personality:


For those born in summer, the high amounts of light available after birth usually help to prevent seasonal affective disorder (SAD), though researchers do note this can still be affected by your mother when she carried you in the womb. Summer babies tend to score high on the hyperthymia scale which indicates a general optimism about life. You’re able to see the upside to any challenge that presents itself in life, and you know that good times are on the way. Yet those born in the summer can also be affected by a rapid cycling between high and low moods, not to be confused with bipolar disorder which was lowest for those born in August.

If you were born in the summer, keep your focus on the bright side of life and allow your optimism to shine. Be sure to help to light the way for others as well, as they can surely benefit from your positive attitude. As the beautifully Buddha said, “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”


If you were born in the fall, you’re in luck because studies found that typically people with fall birthdays enjoy low levels of depression and also are less likely to develop bipolar disorder. The harvest of summer with bountiful nutrients could be a potential reason for these health benefits, as you likely developed most in the womb during the warm seasons of spring and summer. Research did show that it’s possible for those born in fall to have a slightly higher chance for irritability, so make sure you practice gratitude for the beautiful things in life each day.

Gratitude has such a wonderful power that it is able to immediately relax resistance within ourselves and bring about good feelings that can lead to happiness. If you don’t currently practice a daily or weekly observation of what you are grateful for, perhaps starting a gratitude journal could be something of great value. Each night before you go to sleep, write down the top five things you are grateful for that happened during your day. It can be something as simple as you saw a cute baby smile, or your lunch tasted great, or that the sky looked beautiful when you were on your way home. By practicing gratitude, we begin to program our minds and our emotions to truly enjoy life, and once it becomes a habit, you’ll be surprised at how pleasant your emotional state becomes.


For those born in winter, studies found both difficulties and extremely wonderful possibilities. The difficulties included higher levels of seasonal affective disorder and bipolar disorder, but on the plus side those born in winter were also found to be less irritable than those born in the fall. Now for the exciting part: one study done of 300 celebrities in 2015 found that the winter was the time to be born if you want to be famous, as the winter months correlate with creativity and imaginative problem-solving.

If you happen to be a winter baby, consider using some of your creative genius as an act of kindness to help someone or something in need. There a good chance that if anyone can figure out the solution to a problem, it’s you, and your love can really make the difference in the life of another.


If you were lucky enough to be born in the spring, studies have found some good news for you. Research revealed that those born in the spring scored high on the hyperthymia scale meaning that you score high in general optimism. You can see the good in any situation, are gifted with a natural resilience, and know that when going through any tough time that good times are on their way. Studies also showed that those born in spring can also be susceptible to depression, so it’s important to do everything you can to take care of yourself.

Yet being such a wonderfully optimistic person, you tend to brighten the day of those you spend time with. Personality traits belonging to optimists include; expressing gratitude, donating their time and energy, being interested in others, surrounding themselves with upbeat people, not listening to naysayers, they forgive others, and they smile, often 🙂 Stay positive, stay you, people are grateful to have you in their lives.

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Regardless of which season you were born, you are a wonderful person and you are loved.