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Understanding Compassion began with the simple idea: what we choose to focus on is what we grow in
our lives, and in the world. So why not grow love and kindness? Acts of compassion and kindness
happen millions of times each day, and are often some of the most beautiful things we can experience
in our lives. Yet all too often, our TV’s and media focus on all that is wrong with the world, and in
turn, create more of it. But when we choose to pay attention to the child who asked their father to pull
the car over so that they could help a man in a wheelchair shovel the snow off his sidewalk, or to focus
on the 86 year old who spends his time knitting hundreds of hats for babies born prematurely in the
hospital, we foster an attitude of loving kindness within ourselves, and often follow their example by
being kind to others in our daily lives. Understanding Compassion is where you can come to hear
about these stories of love and kindness, as well as to read our articles on the many topics devoted
to truly Understand Compassion.


When we truly understand another person’s situation; their life, their feelings, their upbringing, and see
that each of us are really just trying our best with what we’ve been given in this world… it becomes
easy to relate to one another, and to have compassion for each other. Love is easily the most beautiful
experience and expression we have available to us in our lifetimes, and our goal is to grow this love in
each individual through real stories of acts of kindness, and through articles written to guide us to a
higher understanding of ourselves, and of compassion.


Our mission is to offer information that supports love in the many issues we face each day, as well as to
bring about a change in what is considered important in the media. Rather than the current media’s
model of reporting, which is over 90% of stories showing the negative and terrible things happening
around the world, we envision a media that uses the majority of their reporting to talk about the truly
important news happening each day; the beautiful and inspiring acts of love and kindness that happen
countless times across the globe. Acts of kindness are far more common than acts of violence, and by
focusing on the good side of life, people start to feel good about themselves and the world. Studies
have shown that when people watch negative news stories, they believe that the world is a dangerous
place, and this cynical worldview leads to feelings which decrease our health and immune system. But
the studies also showed that when people read a story of uncommon goodness happening in the world,
what follows is they believe there is good in the world (Aquino 2011), and they experience positive
feelings which are beneficial to their health and overall well-being. Over time, these good feelings will
result in people being kinder to one another, believing that the world is a good place, and building a
world that reflects how loving it really is.


Our vision is to bring forth a world where people genuinely love themselves and each other.
To assist with the transition from a competitive world, to a cooperative world. To offer support
and compassionate education for the billions of people around the world seeking love and
peace. Together we can do it 🙂