Homeless Woman Searching Through Trash For Food Given A Sandwich And $30 Gift Card

There was a homeless woman searching through a few bags of trash in an alley for food.

Photo credit: Understanding Compassion

“I saw you looking through some of the trash over there, are you trying to get something to eat? Are you hungry or anything?”

“Yeah I’m hungry, but no I just walk through there because, I just look around,” she said.

“Ok, can I get you a sandwich or would you like something to drink?”

“Sure,” she pleasantly said.

Photo credit: Understanding Compassion

Even while likely very hungry, the homeless woman so polite and such a sweetheart. When asked, she said she likes turkey sandwiches and Dr. Pepper.

Walking into Subway, got her a turkey sandwich and a $30 gift card, so that the next time she’s hungry she could go get a sandwich instead of looking for spoiled food in the trash.

“I got you a turkey sandwich, this came with some chips too.”

“Wow!” she said.

Photo credit: Understanding Compassion

She then asked if I would like one of her bracelets, of which she only had two. While having so little, her generosity moved my heart.

“Thank you so much.”

Photo credit: Understanding Compassion

“and actually I got you a gift card too, so there’s $30 bucks on here, so the next time you’re hungry, you just go grab a sandwich ok?”

Photo credit: Understanding Compassion

She sweetly said thank you and we talked for a bit longer.

Watch this video of helping a sweet homeless woman who was looking through the trash for food:

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