Homeless Man With A “Please” Sign Given His Favorite Meal

A homeless man was sitting on a street corner with a sign that only said, “Please”.

When asked if he needed anything, he humbly said,

“A bottle of water would be nice.”

Photo credit: Understanding Compassion

The homeless man shared that he was trying to get enough money for dinner at a nearby cafeteria.

“What’s your favorite kind of food?”

“The Thai food there, and curry chicken,” he replied.

I said I would try to find something for him, and there happened to be a Thai restaurant nearby. I ordered him a yellow curry with chicken to go and a bottle of water.

He was surprised and grateful after receiving his favorite meal.

Photo credit: Understanding Compassion

“You made my night man, I really appreciate it. Thank you so much,” he said.

Watch this heartwarming video of a homeless man getting his favorite meal:

Helping this sweet homeless man was part of our outreach at Understanding Compassion. Our goal is to both help these beautiful souls in need, and to also put more kindness into the social media feeds as an education system. The more people see, read about and watch acts of kindness online, the more their hearts are moved to help those in need around them, which helps make the world a kinder place for everyone.

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You are Loved.

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