Sustainable Company Replants Your Christmas Tree And Returns It To You Every Year For The Holidays

A wonderful company is helping save our beautiful forests by re-planting Christmas trees and taking care of them during the year so they can be used again.

Most everyone loves having a Christmas tree during Christmas to decorate, but many feel that cutting down a tree each year for a short-term celebration is harmful for the environment and damages our forests. This is where Green Tree is providing a sustainable solution to help us save our trees.

Green Tree Glossop lets you choose which tree you would like, delivers it to your door in time for Christmas, and then collects it in January after the holidays to re-plant into the ground.

“Do you love a real Christmas tree, but hate seeing it to go waste in January? We have a solution,” Green Tree’s website explains.

They grow the trees from seedlings in pots, and then plant the pots into the ground. This allows the tree to grow, and when Christmas comes each year, the tree can easily and safely be transported as its roots are all inside of the planted pot container.

“Our trees are grown in pots, planted directly into the ground. Simply choose a tree, and we’ll lift it from the ground and deliver it to you. In January, we’ll collect it from you, re-plant it in the ground, and look after it all year.”

Photo credit: Green Tree

A beautiful aspect of re-planting your Christmas tree and letting it live, is that the tree can grow with your family. It is taken care of all year long, and it can be rented again each year for the holidays.

“You can rent the same tree each year if you wish, so you can watch it grow with your family,” Green Tree shared.

Photo credit: Green Tree

Deforestation comes with a large number of problems for the environment, including less oxygen, more CO2, increased erosion levels, and it destroys the home of numerous forms of wildlife. Every two seconds during each day, a football field size of forest is destroyed around the globe… which amounts to roughly 15 billion trees cut down every single year. This type of behavior cannot continue for the sake of the climate and of all life on Earth.

By helping sustainably save our one Christmas tree each year, we are being part of the solution. Many children love having the same tree with them each year, seeing it grow, and many families name their tree.

Once your Christmas tree becomes too big to fit in a living room, it “graduates” and is then planted naturally into a forest where it can continue to grow and will join the beauty of nature.

What a wonderful idea that embodies the compassionate meaning of Christmas.

Consider searching for a local company that rents, rather than cuts down, Christmas trees for your holiday.

You are Loved.

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