Personality Test: What Do You See First and What It Says About You

Visual personality tests can be interesting and exciting ways to discover potential ways our brains interpret information and what it could mean in terms of our personal habits and preferences.

According to the world famous psychologist Richard Gregory and his hollow mask experiment, the brain’s visual perception relies on top-down processing and nearly 90% of the information our eyes first perceive is lost by the time it reaches the brain.

Due to this, the mind has to make its best guess based on past experiences and memories relating to knowledge of the subject being observed.

In this example of a rotating Charlie Chaplin mask, Dr. Gregory explained how we perceive the hollow side of the mask as protruding and turning in the opposite direction, based on the mind’s expectation of how the image “should” look and appear to be. The mind is not used to seeing inverted faces, but it has a tremendous amount of data on what regular human faces look like, so this causes us to see something different from what actually exists.

What our minds first perceive can also be related to certain subconscious associations, which are connected to parts of our personalities. In this fun visual test, pay attention to what animal(s) you see first when looking at the picture, then read below to see what it says about you:

What Did You See First?

The Two Cats

Cats have often been associated with wisdom and spirituality, as their calm natures can portray inner stillness and self-mastery. In the time of ancient Egypt, cats were honored as magical, godlike and spiritual beings. If you first saw the two cats with the heart between them, your attention to detail is quite keen as it is the more difficult picture to first discern.

If you first saw the two cats in love it can imply your passion for romance, a loving bond with a friend, or a close connection with a family member. Cats tend to be nocturnal and most active at night, and the companionship you’re looking for can likely be found within the later hours after work: an enjoyable dinner, a night out with friends, or even spending time with a loved one staring at the stars and pondering the mysteries of life and the universe.

Those who saw the cats first tend to be more reserved and selective when it comes to who they keep close in their life, in the same way that cats will occasionally engage in social activities or play with people, but their interest is limited, and tend to wander or walk away after a few minutes. Your deep understanding and knowledge of yourself has given you great insights into life based on your own experience growing as a person. The high level of personal growth you’ve achieved can be hard to talk about, relate to, and explain to others who have not lived the same inner journeys as you. This can sometimes cause a deep longing to be understood by another, and lucky for you, you’re wise enough to find the right avenues to meet the people of your tribe.

It’s important, in those times when you desire and long for another, to remember what you already know deep within your heart: that you are deeply loved and already complete within, without need of anything. In no way should this discourage you from reaching out to others with your wonderful and caring heart, but it helps to remember that you will be fine no matter how things turn out.

The Dog

Dogs are loyal, brave, protective and lovingly selfless by nature. Those who first see the dog are some of the most loyal people you can meet, and who also know how to let loose and play from time to time. Your personality makes it easy for people to be friends with you, and they generally miss you when you’re not around, even if they don’t say it. You have more qualities than can be listed, and the people who know the real you, really love you.

You can be the help that people are needing, and the shoulder to cry on for a good friend. Use your natural good nature to be kind to those around you, because your type of energy is one that can help others to let their guards down and to truly accept the help they need.

A 2010 study found that people who self-identify as a “dog person” tend to be more extraverted, agreeable and conscientious. Conscientiousness involves a tendency to show self-discipline, to complete tasks and to aim for achievement. Those who are conscientious also tend to have a preference for planned rather than spontaneous behavior.

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