The Path You Choose Reveals A Clue About Your Personality

There’s no doubt that choices tell a lot about one’s personality, and this interesting personality test may have some interesting clues about your subconscious. Which path would you choose given the four scenarios? Take this quiz to see what your path choice says about you.

The one you’re drawn to will not only reveal details about your subconscious, but also the path you’re on in life.

First choose the path you feel instantly drawn to, then read below to reveal a clue about your personality:

1. Gentle Forest

People who pick the first path have joyful and happy personalities, and also a sensitive side. People around them genuinely enjoy their company and feel cheered up, but sometimes they don’t always notice how loved they are and struggle with self-confidence. Learning to trust themselves and learning to embrace who they are, as good enough ‘as is’ can lead to a beautiful open heart that shines on everyone.

Those who resonate with the gentle forest tend to be laid back, relaxed, and love to have a good time. While not highly materialistic, they appreciate the comfort that comes with a few feel-good activities, such as warm baths, occasional chocolate or sweets, hugs, and comfortable clothing. The spotlight of success comes when they feel good about themselves, so the key is learning to love themselves for who they are.

2. The Beauty Of Fall

Those who chose the second path are independent and have a deep sense of confidence. They excel in what they do, and often easily can achieve professional success. Finding friends who they can really be close with can be a challenging task, as sometimes others are slightly intimidated by their strength and independence.

Those taking the path through the beauty of fall have learned to enjoy the little things in life, and while finding contentment within beautiful yet seemingly ordinary things, their lives are often anything but ordinary. They are highly creative and excel in areas unknown to many, which attracts very interesting, unique and wonderful circumstances into their life. Companionship and loyalty are very important to them.

Showing kindness and leading from the heart are sure-ways to gain the affection of those who can bring real benefit to your life. When you open up and show the real you to others, they are really happy with what they find and will stay with you for the long-term.

3. Winter Solace

People who pick the third path are highly creative and imaginative. Often excelling in what they do and preferring to work alone, they are fast learners who give it their all when they find something they’re passionate about. Strong people choose the third path, as they can both weather the storm and find enjoyment in the peace of stillness.

Their high expectations of themselves sometimes lead them to being perfectionists concerning their own work. While quite powerful when focused, finding balance and telling themselves that they did a good job every now and then can help them to embrace the attitude that they need to succeed.

Those who chose the path of winter solace may have had difficult upbringings in life, but they’ve emerged strong individuals with a kind, gentle and powerful aura. Reliability and honesty are some of their strongest features.

4. Bamboo Forest

Those who pick the fourth path are beautiful and gentle natured souls. They find deep peace in places of nature and prefer solitude over chaos. Lovable, passionate and kind are three words that easily describe them, as they often are found calming and supporting their friends.

Once they’re fully charged, they tend to gravitate towards adventures and they love traveling. Those who are drawn to the bamboo path are highly intelligent and intuitive. They’ve discovered deep knowings within themselves and within their hearts that has them seek for higher meaning in life. Not content with the blueprint society has drawn for them, the quiet whispers within their heart tell them that there is so much more to life. Remember that while you know what is true, the path you are looking for may actually be inside of you rather than in a sensually thrilling outside place.

While not always the loud one in the group, people would benefit from listening to their advice. Their message deserves to be heard, so while standing up in front of a group doesn’t feel like the most comfortable way, writing, painting, and drawing can be wonderful means through which to communicate your serene and valuable love.

Did your path reveal any clues about you?

Let us know in the comments.

Whichever path you choose in life, stay kind, stay compassionate and stay the real you.

You are loved.

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