A Waiter At A Restaurant Buys Food And Feeds A Disabled Homeless Man With His Own Hands

Help Your Brother’s Boat Across, And Your Own Will Reach The Shore

A beautifully kind waiter noticed a disabled homeless man outside of the restaurant where he worked, and he had compassion for him.

The waiter paid for a meal with his own money, then went outside and fed the food to the homeless man with his own hands, something that is customary in India and shows love and connection with another human being.

Someone close by witnessed this wonderful experience, and decided to take a picture to share how beautiful their day had become after seeing it take place.

When seeing someone who is homeless, or hungry, it’s important to understand how life is from their perspective, and to realize that if we had been given the same circumstances and childhood as that person, we likely would have turned out the same.


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It is in this understanding that we are able to feel compassion for them, and to do our best to help alleviate their suffering in any ways possible.

Our hearts always speak to us, and they open to tell us how much love we feel for others. It’s vital each day to listen to the quiet whispers of our hearts, as these are often messages from our deepest and truest selves trying to reach us. When all is said and done, the love we experienced from helping others will be our greatest memories to cherish.


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If you notice someone in your area this week who could use a hand, consider buying some extra food for them and sharing a smile. Your kindness might brighten their day enough to keep them pushing on through their difficult lives.

If this story inspired your heart, here are several more photos that will cause your heart to open.

Stay kind. You are loved.

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