What You Notice First In This Picture May Tell You A Lot About Your Current Situation

Personality tests are fun to take, and when they reveal something insightful or interesting about your personality, they are even more fun. Similar to how inkblot tests have been used to evaluate personalities in the realm of psychology, what we first visualize when looking at an image can be telling about how our mind and emotions function.

Take a look at the image. What do you first see?

Here Is What It Says About Your Current Situation In Life:

The Crocodile

If you first saw a crocodile, it shows that you are practical. You’re probably looking at the bigger picture in life, focused on work while staying to the picture you have in your mind as to how things will turn out. Practical people are the ones who omit or look past seemingly useless and unimportant details for the sake of reaching larger goals which are more important to them.

Practical people tend to care about the function more than the experience of objects and certain aspects of life. For example, you probably have a decent amount of old books you like to read even if they are stained or tattered, or have some old CDs or records you still like even if they are scratched, and likely have clothes you often enjoy wearing even if they have some slight wear and tear. Small details are of little importance when it comes to the fact that these things can still function just fine, even if they’re not perfect.

Those who saw the crocodile tend to not procrastinate and usually have something meaningful that they are working on. While your ideas are many, when you focus on and listen to your heart, truly great things are able to emerge in your life, such as volunteering at a meaningful charity, excelling at the work that you do, or spending time with a loved one who needs help and being able to fix certain areas in their life in an amazingly short period of time. Your ability to see the bigger picture gets things working smoothly, and you should be proud of it.

The Boat

If you saw a boat at first, you have an amazing eye for small details and few things escape your notice.

While most people are at first drawn to the picture of the crocodile, an animal that can sometimes have fear associated with it, you first saw the boat with two people in it, likely having an enjoyable and positive experience.

Your ability to find the good side even in difficult situations is unique, and your creativity can be a source of your strength.

Your current circle of friends likely depend on you when they face difficult times in their lives, as your resilience and positive attitude help them to keep going and to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Your ability to encourage others is truly beautiful, and many of those closest to you are truly grateful for it, even if they don’t always tell you.

When you keep a focus on self-compassion and on the love in your heart, your positive nature can truly flourish, and aspects of your personality will bloom into a beautiful and artistic mosaic of the real you.

If you haven’t considered expressing your creative and artistic self, now would be a good time, and when it comes from a place of love, be sure that many people are going to positively respond to it.

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