Giving Pizza And $20 To The Sweetest Homeless Man ❤️

Blessing the sweetest homeless man with a meal and twenty dollars.

A homeless man was sitting by the side of the road with a smile, seeming to just enjoy the weather.

I asked him if he needed anything or if he was hungry.

Photo credit: Understanding Compassion

“I wouldn’t mind getting something to drink and something to eat,” he said.

Was looking to brighten his day with his favorite food, but when asked what his favorite food was, he was so humble… and just said that anything was okay.

“Yeah what would you like? What’s your favorite food?”

“Oh I don’t know… any old thing…” he humbly replied.

Besides food he said he just wanted a Sprite.

The only spot nearby was a pizza shop, so I ordered him a pizza and the largest Sprite they had. It took a little bit for them to cook the pizza, so the sweet homeless man may have thought I wasn’t coming back.

Photo credit: Understanding Compassion

“I thought you were just pulling my leg,” he said after returning.

“I got you a pizza, I hope that’s okay, a pizza and a Sprite.”

Photo credit: Understanding Compassion

His sweet smile was accompanied by many sincere thank you’s.

When asked if he needed anything else, he said

“Could use a couple dollars,”

so I handed him a $20 bill, which visibly moved his heart.

Photo credit: Understanding Compassion

Speaking with Chris for a little bit I learned that he waits sometimes by the shelter and hopes for a room, and in the meantime was just sitting peacefully outside and enjoying a beautiful day.

He said his day is “Going great now,” with a smile.

Photo credit: Understanding Compassion

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