Sachiko Tominaga Decided To Move To Laos To Help The Poor, And Has Opened 22 Schools For Children Living In Poverty

Sachiko Tominaga is well known in Japan for her amazing acts of kindness, but she has yet to become known to the world, until now. Her kindness has helped over 15,000 people have the chance to elevate themselves out of poverty in the country of Laos.

Sachiko was content with her previous life in Japan, where she spent her days at home as a housewife. Yet something in her heart told her there was more to life than just getting by, so she made the courageous decision to move to Laos and open a business.

Mrs. Tominaga now owns restaurants and hair salons where she chooses to employ young women to help them get out of poverty. She uses a majority of her profits to fund her charity work through her non-profit IV-Japan, where volunteers are able to help and support her cause.


Sachiko and a graduate student who received a scholarship through IV Japan. Img: Sachiko Facebook
Img: Sachiko Tominaga / Facebook

She began opening a school to teach young women how to be hair stylists, and teaching them how they can open up their own businesses. Hundreds of grateful young women express their gratitude to Mrs. Tominaga each time she visits them, and many have gone on to succeed tremendously in life.

She also visits areas of Laos that are very poor, where the children are provided little to no education and usually end up farming or doing anything to survive. She has opened 22 schools that allow these young ones to receive an education so that they may provide for themselves and for their families.

Img: Sachiko Tominaga / Facebook
Img: Sachiko Tominaga / Facebook

She also provides housing for many of the young women who go to her schools. Sachiko is the kind of woman who even with such a large organization, personally will spend all day searching for a struggling teen addicted to drugs who goes missing from one of her schools, as those around her have reported.

Img: Sachiko Tominaga / Facebook
Img: Sachiko Tominaga / Facebook
Img: Sachiko Tominaga / Facebook

Sachiko’s kind and loving heart realized that there is more to life than just getting by each day, and by doing what she could to help the lives of those less fortunate, has truly benefited thousands of young children.

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If you are passionate about helping a certain cause or organization, spend some time this week and reach out them and ask if there’s something small you can do to help. It might bring more joy to your life and to the lives of others than you can imagine.

You are loved.