8 Things Men Do Only With The Women They Love

Love transcends genders, but there can be subtle differences in the ways men and women show their affection for each other. Public displays of affection are more comfortable for some than others, but usually this is a telltale sign that he is in love with you.

Here are 8 things men do only with the women they love:

1. He will listen to you

When a man is passionate and serious about someone he loves, he devotes his full focus and concentration to them. Everything they say will be important to him, and he will constantly be seeking for ways to show his love and affection through listening.

However, listening doesn’t always imply understanding. A man who deeply loves you will not only listen, but he will spend time in reflection to fully understand where you are coming from. He may even keep a set of notes on his phone to write down the important needs or hopes you’ve shared with him, so that he can review them and remember to work on what is important to you.

2. He will share his needs and debate ideas with you

Relationships always have two people finding a balance of each other’s needs through communication, and when a man truly loves you he will openly communicate his needs and ideas to you so that he can be happy with the one he loves. When someone does not express their needs, it can sometimes mean that they have either given up on getting what they want or they are too shy to do so, both of which will lead to unhealthy relationship habits in the future.

When a man discusses his passionate ideas with you, you know he values your opinion and takes you seriously as a life partner. He wants some input from the person he loves, and hopes that the two of you will grow together.

3. He will make sacrifices for your happiness

This could be one of the biggest signs that a man truly prioritizes having you in his life. It shows that he has placed you as more valuable than many of his other plans or activities, and he is willing to do what it takes to make the relationship work.

If he agrees to change his plans to meet your needs rather than doing what he prefers, then be sure that this man truly loves you. This should be within reason, and he should still keep a healthy balance to meet his own needs, but making sacrifices for the relationship is a true sign of love.

4. He will defend your love for each other

A man who is in love with you will defend from anything that would threaten the idea that the two of you belong together. Whether it’s from someone else giving their opinion, from you, or from a family member, when others speak of your relationship, he sticks to how good it is and remains positive.

He feels lucky to have you, and he does not want to lose you. It’s important to him that the people surrounding you both value you, and take care of you as well, so he will not allow people within your circle to speak unfairly about you or to judge you. He understands that true love is not only being there through the good times, but through the hard times as well.

5. He is genuinely proud of your achievements

When in love, your man values your achievements and accomplishments as being as valuable as his own. When you win, he wins, and his happiness extends to everything you do.

There is no competition between you two. He desires to see you succeed in everything your heart desires and is open about showing how proud of you he is.

6. He will find you beautiful even on days when you don’t feel beautiful

Regardless of how self-conscious or insecure you may be feeling on a particular day, his image of you being his beautiful queen never changes. Whether it’s a bad hair day, pimples, wrinkles… anything, he will maintain the fact that he finds you wonderfully beautiful and attractive.

When he says you are beautiful, he means it, and it is not based solely on superficial or outward appearances. He has found beauty, not only in your physical body, but in your personality and in who you really are deep within, and nothing about a small way you look on a certain day is going to change the love he feels for you.

7. He will care about your family and friends as much as you do

He will understand how much you love your family and friends and he will value them because he knows how important they are to you. His desire is to see you happy, and knowing that you love your family, he will make their happiness a priority as well.

He is kind to them and willing to help them whenever possible. His love for you makes him very dependable for your loved ones.

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8. He won’t be afraid to be vulnerable in front of you

While cultures have mistakenly taught men that strength and hardened hearts are what define the masculine, he stays true to love and his heart and is able to open, soften, and to be vulnerable around you.

Whether it’s crying during a beautiful movie, or simply sharing his own sensitivities and deep feelings openly with you, he desires a compassionate intimacy with you and knows that love is both open and kind.

His love for you is stronger than any feelings of being shy or embarrassed, and he trusts you enough to share his deepest feelings and needs with you.

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Wishing you Love and Blessings this wonderful week.

You are Loved.