Kind Stranger In Drive Thru Saw Kids On Bikes Were Unable To Order Food, So He Bought Them Both Meals

After seeing a young man and woman on their bicycles be unable to order food, a kind man let them order with him in the drive thru and then bought their meals.

One of the cars waiting in the late night drive thru line at a Wendys in Colorado noticed a young guy and girl on bicycles ride up and try to enter the store, but the doors were locked. It looked like they had arrived 30 minutes after the lobby of Wendys closed.

“While in the Wendy’s drive thru I noticed a young guy and girl on bikes ride up, and as they tried to go inside, they noticed the door was locked. It was around 10:30pm and the restaurant closes up around 10pm, but keeps the drive through open through the night, so they had rode their bikes all that way but weren’t going to be able to get their food. There wasn’t anything else open in the area as well.”

After having biked all the way there for a meal, the two were walking back to their bikes to leave when a driver in another car in the drive thru line offered to order their meals for them.

“As they started to leave, a man in the car in front of me rolled down his window and yelled, “Hey I can get your order for you guys.” They didn’t hear him at first so he said it again, and they eventually walked up to his car with smiles and walked next to his car on the sidewalk until they reached the speaker menu.”

As they got to the menu, they all ordered together, and then the two waited at the drive thru exit until the car was able to pick it up. When they got their food and tried to give the man money for their meals, he wouldn’t take it, and just asked them to someday pass the kindness on to someone else.

“They ordered first and then the man in the car ordered, and then they waited where the drive thru exited and he opened his window and gave them their food. At this point I was interested and watching and realized how lucky they were to have someone help them get their food and didn’t just make a late night bike ride for nothing. I saw them try to pay him but he wouldn’t take their money. I think he said something to the effect of “Just pay the kindness forward,” and then both of the kids smiled and said “We will!” and thanked him and he drove off. I was feeling a little down earlier today, but seeing this lifted my spirits. Something small and in a fast food drive thru… who knew it could feel so meaningful. I think I may try paying for the car behind me in the drive thru next time.”

You are Loved.

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