Cross Your Arms And Find Out What It Reveals About Your Personality

There are many interesting theories as to why people cross their arms the way they do. Researchers have found that neurons in the brain react and connect differently based on the way one crosses their arms.

Body language experts at the FBI also explain how the way someone crosses their arms can mean a variety of things: from a self-comforting way to relieve stress, to a way to mask insecurities, to mirroring another person, to appear strong, and to even give oneself a ‘self-hug.’ Many business trainers and relationship coaches will explain how crossing one’s arms can be a closed form of body language, whereas keeping one’s arms open is more likely to attract friendship. But what does it mean for you? In this fun personality test, see how you cross your arms naturally, and then read below to see what it reveals about your personality.

1. The Right Hand Out

If you naturally fold your arms with your right hand resting on top of your left arm, then you’re a deeply creative person who tends to think outside of the box. Numerous things catch your attention in life, as you can find just about anything to be interesting or beautiful. You also tend to be flexible in your ways of thinking.

Those with the right hand out stay focused on possibilities and solutions rather than limitations, knowing that this mindset will expand opportunities. They are smart risk-takers who understand that rewards come by taking small chances, and their adventurous side combined with their curiosity makes traveling a top joy in life. Always willing to lend a hand to others, they’re known for being kind and caring people.

2. The Left Hand Out

If you naturally fold your arms with your left hand resting on top of your right arm, then you’re a sensible and practical person with a good amount of emotional intelligence. You’re open-minded and tolerant towards other people and their ideas, always willing to examine both sides of an issue before forming an opinion. You tend to want the best for everyone, and would rather see everyone win rather than there being just one winner.

Your deep understanding, sound reasoning and expertise in certain fields attracts the respect of others. Those with the left hand out while crossing their arms are natural leaders, whose leadership is founded on integrity rather than by status or by demanding it. Always focused on win-win situations, they are a gem to have on any team or in any group.

3. With Both Hands Out

Those who naturally fold their arms with both hands resting on opposite arms tend to be confident and have a healthy amount of self-esteem. They know they’re good enough just the way they are, and that others are also good enough just by being themselves. This creates a warm atmosphere of acceptance where others to feel safe to be around them, and are comfortable opening up and discussing their personal thoughts and feelings.

You lead by example and are willing to take the first step in your relationships. Others are willing to put their trust in you and your bright personality brings joy to everyone around you. Your friends would describe you as a loving and selfless person, who always ‘puts themselves in the others shoes’ in order to understand their situation better.

There’s also a 4th way of crossing the arms that has both hands tucked within and under the arms. Those who tend to naturally cross their arms this way have tendencies to be a little introverted but also have a very sound inner foundation. They are independent and support themselves. Their sensitivities are matched with years of personal growth, and when they share their empowering experiences with others, those who hear often respect and admire how strong they really are.

How do you naturally cross your arms?

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You are Loved. 

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