Fun Test: The Way You Make A Fist Can Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

In his book Studies in Expressive Movement, famed psychologist Gordon Allport and his co-author Phillip Vernon wrote that within the expressive behavior of individuals, consistencies exist. He explained that a person’s personality can be perceived by observing certain nonverbal cues. For example, introverts and extroverts tend to exhibit slightly different behaviors, as do Type A and Type B personalities.

A person’s habits, movements, facial expressions and gestures can reveal a lot about their personalities, and how one holds or clenches their fist can also be telling. Take a second and make a fist. Now look at your hand and check your thumb placement, then read below to see what it could mean in terms of your personality.

Fist Type 1: Compassionate, Sensitive and Intuitive

Sensitive with a strong imagination, yet highly intuitive and a heartfelt desire to help people. You have a loving gentle side and often take the role of protector in friendships and relationships. You are good at planning ahead when something is important to you, and can also quickly adapt to new situations.

You are a good judge of character and can often predict who will treat you good or who won’t. You desire to be accepted and the kindness in your heart often knows no bounds.

In the workplace you usually stand out for the high quality of work you do, while remaining humble about it. Your strength is your ability to perceive the problems of others, and by fine tuning your listening skills, you can become quite a valuable asset.

In your relationships, you often love more than the other person perceives. Being compassionate means that your partner is well taken care of, even if they don’t notice it all of the time. You care deeply about those close to you, and would do anything to see them be happy.

Fist Type 2: Outgoing, Confident and Honest

You have a deep rootedness of confidence that causes others to believe in you. Often thriving on the praise and attention that comes from being naturally charismatic, you aren’t afraid to be who you really are.

Honesty is one of your greatest strengths and can get you the furthest in life. You are also keen on taking action and can make things happen when you set your mind on a goal. Whenever your friends are in need of something, they know they can count on you to help get it done. If your friends were to describe your personality, then ‘reliable’ would definitely come to mind.

Often self-motivated with an ability to focus and remain persistent, you are a hard-worker by nature and natural leader. Balancing work life with relaxation and stress relief can really take you to the next level.

In your relationships, you tend to get stuck on negative experiences from the past, as your inner perfectionist desires the perfect relationship. When you love, you do so fully, and play no games. When you find someone with the same amount of loyalty and direction, then the sky is the limit on love.

Fist Type 3: Kind, Emotionally-Aware and Reflective

Your deep understanding of who you are and how you truly know yourself has come from your nature of being quieted inside and introspective. Reflection is a great resource and has made you highly intelligent and also very thoughtful. Some might describe you as shy, but your heart is open and those who get close to you are warmly surprised by how kind you really are.

You don’t desire to be hugely famous or popular, a simple day of relaxation on the beach while reading a book or enjoying the beauty of the nature around you often gives you the inner peace that you so deeply desire. For those who have discovered Yoga or heart centered styles of meditation, you already know how much success and strength it has brought into your life, and for those who haven’t, it’s time you start and find the means through which to bring out your inner beauty.

When it comes to relationships, you desire a steady and seemingly simple flow of love with as little drama as possible. Having a soft heart means you can be hurt easily, but gentleness is a sure-way to keep you comfortable and happy within a relationship. You forgive easily and once you commit, your showering of love and support is second to none.

You are Loved.