Fun Test: The First Animal You See Reveals Your Personality

According to the world famous psychologist Richard Gregory and his hollow mask experiment, the brain’s visual perception relies on top-down processing and nearly 90% of the information our eyes first perceive is lost by the time it reaches the brain.

Due to this, the mind has to make its best guess based on past experiences and memories relating to knowledge of the subject being observed.

In this example of a rotating Charlie Chaplin mask, Dr. Gregory explained how we perceive the hollow side of the mask as protruding and turning in the opposite direction, based on the mind’s expectation of how the image “should” look and appear to be. The mind is not used to seeing inverted faces, but it has a tremendous amount of data on what regular human faces look like, so this causes us to see something different from what actually exists.

What our minds first perceive can also be related to certain subconscious associations, which are connected to parts of our personalities. In this fun animal visual test, pay attention to what animal you see first when looking at the picture, then read below to see what it says about you:Which Animal Do You See First? 

The First Animal You See Reveals Your Personality:

1. Stallion

If the stallion was the first animal you saw, you are wonderfully ambitious by nature. Wild, free and real, you highly value your sense of independence and tend to do whatever it takes to get what you want in life. You’re not afraid of hard work and can stand up for yourself when need be. You have a strong heart connection which others find beautiful about you. Honest, driven, admirable and kind are how your friends would describe you.

Maintain your deep heart connection and sense of freedom within by going for what you want in life, but by letting go of the results. When you truly begin to follow where your heart is guiding you, and you let go of any idea of how it “has” to be, you’ll create a life which you passionately enjoy and where you feel deep contentment and freedom inside.

2. A Rooster

If you first saw a rooster, your personality knows the value of perseverance. “Persist and you shall succeed” are words you’ve understood and giving up on what you want isn’t an option for you. A rooster isn’t the largest animal, but it is fast, smart, persistent and is not afraid of protecting the ones it loves.

Your ability to take care of and to look out for those in your life is greatly valued by your friends and family. People feel safe around you, knowing that if they are having a difficult time, you’ll be one of the first ones to speak up for them. Maintain your helpful, kind and supporting attitude towards others, and you can really make a difference in their lives. Another saying to remember for you is, “When you help enough other people get what they want, you eventually get what you want.”

3. Crab

Seeing the crab first tends to mean that your personality is hard on the outside, and soft and tender on the inside. Crabs can be extremely loyal, putting the needs of others above their own. Turning your back on those you love is not an option for you, and those in your life are lucky to have you.

You sometimes struggle to tell others about your deep and intimate feelings, but you really do care about them. Unkind words can sometimes easily hurt your feelings, but you’d rather try to brush it off and appear strong than let others know this. While appearing strong is very important to you, don’t forget that everyone needs a little help sometimes, and wonderful relationships can be built when one person is brave enough to be vulnerable and to ask another for help with something. You might just find that all of the wonderful and kind help you’re always ready to give to others, that others are also willing to give to you, with a smile on their faces.

4. Praying Mantis

The praying mantis is a master of the senses and of patience. It can remain still for long periods of time, and when something it wants appears, it acts without hesitation. If you first saw the praying mantis, it means you are patient in waiting for what you want, and decisive on taking action to get it when it appears. You have a strong intuition, and your gut instinct is usually right about many things. Your heart often knows the truth of things before you learn all of the details with your mind.

When you feel stressed or nervous in life, remember these five steps to regain your naturally peaceful and patient self. First remember to breathe, often just by focusing on our breathing we can naturally become calm. Second, try tensing and then releasing one muscle group at a time for five seconds. This can relax your body. Third, manage your expectations by accepting things as they are, rather than as you would prefer them to be, as this will bring the peace of mind you are seeking. Fourth, practice meditation and self-compassion. Sit in a quiet and peaceful place and practice feeling love for each part of your body and your personality. Fifth, make a connection with someone by talking and sharing your experience. There are many wonderful people in the world, you being one of them, and you never know the inspiring things you might learn.

5. Wolf

Wolves usually belong to packs, but they are also known to survive on their own. Fearless, fierce and intelligent, a wolf is not afraid of choosing its own path and of blazing its own trail. If you first saw the wolf in the picture, you are a quiet warrior whose presence always stands out in a crowd. Your wisdom carries with it a majestic quality that attracts people to you. While you often desire the company of loved ones, you also value your alone time and can pretty much get by all on your own.

Seeing the wolf first also means you have a deep ability to know others. While you can usually easily win an argument with another, try to remember to put yourself in their shoes, and share your wisdom with others in a gentle way which they can listen to and are able to hear. Gentleness is your strength, and when you are gentle to others, your pack will always want to be around you.

6. Dog

Dogs are loyal, brave, protective and lovingly selfless by nature. Those who first see the dog are some of the most loyal people you can meet, and who also know how to let loose and play from time to time. Your personality makes it easy for people to be friends with you, and they generally miss you when you’re not around, even if they don’t say it. You have more qualities than can be listed, and the people who know the real you, really love you.

You can be the help that people are needing, and the shoulder to cry on for a good friend. Use your natural good nature to be kind to those around you, because your type of energy is one that can help others to let their guards down and to truly accept the help they need.

7. Falcon

Both noble and strong, falcons are able to see things clearly and to lock onto what they want in life. If you first saw the falcon, you tend to be wild, free and love to travel. You can focus on achieving what you want, and you’re able to deal with challenges in your life quite well. The falcon, like the eagle, is one of the only birds that when it sees a storm coming, can fly above the storm, rather than sit beneath it. Your positive mindset works the same way. When challenging things present themselves, rather than sitting in the mud and letting it bother you, you keep your vision set on the sunshine after and have a general optimism that you will succeed.

You have a natural ability for leadership, as you can see what needs to be done and can help everyone stay focused on a positive outcome. Remember to kindly include even the smallest person in your great visions, those around you will respect you even more than they already do.

8. Butterfly

The butterfly is a wonderful symbol of beauty and transformation. From cocoon to one of the prettiest creatures on the Earth, the butterfly represents the ability to go through difficult times in life and to emerge as an incredibly beautiful person, both inside and out. Those who first see the butterfly are more than survivors, they are those who through their own self-growth can truly help others and make the world a more beautiful place. You are adaptable, flexible and can adjust to make things happen.

Endurance is one of your biggest strengths, as by nature you have a bright spark within that allows you to stay hopeful even in the most trying of times. The world needs more of the beautiful things you have to offer, so remember to share your heart with those you love.

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9. Dove

The dove is a well-known symbol of peace and love. Pure, elegant, and wise. If you first saw the dove, people have an easy time finding things to like about you. You are calm, patient and have a sense of inner peace that allows others to relax around you.

Maintain your balance by taking time for self-care; make a regular weekly time to read a book, enjoy a warm bath, listen to your favorite music, relax and drink tea, or whatever helps you to replenish your peaceful energy levels. You’re a symbol of hope and peace to those around you, so by maintaining your healthy emotional state, you’re also helping them.

Was your animal accurate for you?

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