The First Detail That You See On This Image Reveals Unconscious Secrets About Your Personality

We all see the world a little differently and through our own eyes; we each have our own unique perspective. These perspectives are shaped through our various life experiences and ideas.

The way we choose to see things stems from our chosen thoughts and resulting feelings, and helps to shape the reality we create for ourselves. Some people love watching a certain movie while others do not, and sometimes when two people observe a specific action done by someone else, they both have different takes on what happened. Sometimes the same object any two people see is interpreted in different ways by their brains, and these perspectives reveal hidden details about the personality. The following exercise is an analytical tool designed to help discover these subconscious secrets.

For this test, simply look at the following picture and take note of the first thing that you spot in the image. From your first glance, what did you see? Take note of it and we will explain what it could mean for you.

1. Face

Much like the face in the picture, various aspects of self growth interest you and you build your character like a puzzle. You strive to create the best version of yourself because you have seen the wonderful benefits that improving your thoughts and feelings can have, and success is very important to you.

In such a metaphor as the puzzle, you pick up pieces from things you learn throughout your life and put them together to form an ideal image of yourself.

These pieces can be material things (outside of you): clothes, accessories, electronics, friends, romantic partners and so on.

They can also be intangible things (inside of you): experiences, feelings, accomplishments, values, talents and memories that you use collectively to build your self-image.

For you it can be important to remember that while you strive for perfection, that no one is perfect, it’s merely an illusion. Some would agree that you’re perfect just the way you are now.

Your strategy is natural and very okay, just make sure your main purpose is not chasing the approval of others.

2. Brain/Tree

Just like this tree which looks like a brain, knowledge and wisdom are both very important to you. Knowing your own psychology is of utmost importance, and this helps you to be a good judge of character when it comes to meeting and dealing with other people. Your friends may consider you to be somewhat of a wise philosopher. You can also have a tendency to overthink certain subjects, and staying rooted through physical exercise is very helpful for you to maintain your balance in life.

Your thirst for knowledge does not stop with just thinking, but can also extend to the realms of meditation and spirituality. You seek deep meaning about the nature of life; who am I, and why am I here?

The opinions of others do not easily sway you, as your firm grasp of what you know to be true through education helps you to hold your own in conversations.

Maintain your physical health through exercise and your emotional health through self compassion, and your mental ability is sure to be a bright light for those around you.

3. Birds and Nature

Like the birds in this image, you too feel that you are not confined by societies unnatural ‘box’ of expectations. The expectations of a ‘normal’ life hold no interest to you, as you desire freedom and the ability to follow your own heart more than anything else.

Conforming is not something you would ever seriously consider, as you love yourself enough to never give up your beautiful and inspiring individuality.

Traveling and exploring the world; nature, scenery and different cultures is of great interest to you. Staying in the same place for too long and belonging to a routine can make life a little boring. Follow your heart and trust that when you act from a place of love, that it is in the right direction and is for the benefit of all.

It’s good for you to stay responsible, but let loose once in a while, or even more than once in a while.

Image Artist Credit: Igor Morski