Fun Test: Only Geniuses Can Find The Odd Letters In Under 4 Minutes (Advanced Levels)

It might be easy to find on the first level, but there are 4 more!

Research shows us that puzzles and mind games provide health benefits that can help keep our brains active and can maintain and increase certain mental functions as we age. See if you can solve this find the odd letter puzzle and enjoy sharpening your mind while you do.

A small note: 
The last 3 levels are VERY CHALLENGING, but have fun and if you’re able to even spot one of the odd letters, you’ve done better than 95% of people! This may be the most difficult odd one puzzle you’ve tried before! Good luck! (All answers are at the bottom)

On these first 2 levels, try to find the “V”:



The next 3 levels are VERY CHALLENGING but have fun! If you’re able to spot even one or two of the odd letters, consider yourself a genius! Good luck!

Find the “V” , “T” and “X” in each level (answers at bottom)

3. Let the challenge begin! Good luck!

4. If you made it past level 3, you’re amazing! On to level 4!

5. This is the final level. Impressive!

Were you able to spot one or two of the letters in levels 3 to 5? If so, you are a genius with an incredible eye for detail. If you were able to spot more than 2 letters, your mind is off the charts!

Please use your genius to benefit and share love and compassion with the world ?

Let us know how you did in the comments.

Have a blessed day.

You are Loved.