11 Signs That Your Current Partner Is Your Soulmate

The term “soulmate” has many meanings, ranging from someone you have an intense chemistry with to the idea of two people being deeply connected on a soul level. Under some spiritual belief systems, it’s believed that soulmates are people you have shared experiences in past lives with. While the idea of soulmates cannot be scientifically proven, the fact remains that everyone wants to find someone that really understands and loves them. Keep an open mind. While it’s often romanticized that you will click with your soulmate at first sight, things aren’t usually that easy. To know whether you have chemistry with someone, you need to have a real talk where the two of you have the chance to open up.

Also remember to stay realistic. No one is ever going to be a truly perfect fit in terms of the high bar of expectation we have within our minds. Try not to get too perfectionistic with identifying your soulmate. Human relationships tend to be imperfect, and that is part of the beauty of them. Acceptance of differences, flaws, and everything about the other person is what makes love beautiful, and it’s what love is. If you find someone who makes it feel amazing to be alive, in many cases that can be enough. Any minor flaws should be lovingly embraced along with the rest of who your partner is.

While identifying if your special someone is your soulmate, here are some useful ways to find out:

Here Are 11 Signs That Your Current Partner Is Your Soulmate

1. You Feel Appreciated

Your partner should appreciate who you are, appreciate the efforts you make and appreciate the little things you do. Part of having a loving relationship is fostering a state of care and appreciation within a relationship, and soulmates know how to do this with each other.

2. You Can Be Vulnerable With Your Partner

Being vulnerable means being able to show your feelings, opinions and past experiences to your partner completely and openly without holding back for fear of rejection or judgment. This level of intimacy is found between soulmates, as both partners are able to “come as they are,” the good, the bad, and everything in between, and they are accepted and loved all the way through.

3. You Are Both Completely Honest With Each Other

True love has nothing to hide, and soulmates would rather understand, love and forgive each other than blame, criticize, or lie about their situations. Honesty and reliability are the only ways to foster trust within a relationship, and soulmates know they can always count on each other to be honest.

4. Your Partner Is Forgiving

Everyone makes mistakes, and that’s why forgiveness is so important. Having found your soulmate means you’ve found someone who can forgive you when you apologize.

Both partners make mistakes, and both partners are able to forgive and move on without holding onto past hurts. Keeping score cards of mistakes is an unhealthy practice and can erode relationships, so if you think you’ve found your soulmate but have a habit of doing this, try to replace it with a score card of gratitude, remembering all of the things they’ve done right. This also applied to everyday small mistakes, not to mistakes that have caused any serious harm.

5. You Can Disagree On Things And Still Love Each Other

Disagreements are a given in any relationship; what matters is how loving the two of you are towards each other within your communication. Soulmates place the love within the relationship above being right within any discussion or argument, and while respecting their own ideas and boundaries, will not lash out to harm the other when they hold a different opinion. The two of you unconditionally love each other, and small differences in previous education and ways of thinking are simply seen as interesting and sometimes amusing, rather than as disruptions or being negative. Soulmates spend time in learning healthy ways to communicate with each other, and this helps them love each other more.

6. You’re Both Authentic And Genuine With Each Other

A relationship between soulmates is one that feels like a deep union of the heart. While this doesn’t mean that the two of you should be lost in each other and lose your own sense of identity, there is a deep space where the two of you resonate within the same energy of restedness.

7. You’re Playful Together

Soulmates both understand the value in experiencing the joy and purity as they did when they were children, and soulmates love joyfully playing well together. If it’s easy for you to let your wonderful inner child out to play with your partner, you could be together with your soulmate. The two of you should also be able to enjoy laughing regularly and often together.

8. Your Partner Should Help You Grow

Learning and growing in life is important to just about everyone, and one of the key points of a relationship between soulmates, is that they help the real you grow. They encourage and enrich the part of you where you feel most alive, and they spend time doing activities with you that bring out the best in you. If you notice that you are regularly shining when you’re with your partner, they may be your soulmate.

9. They Actively Support Your Dreams

Soulmates empower each other to reach their dreams. They cheer you on and invest their time and resources in helping you accomplish what makes you happy. They understand your passions and reasons behind your feelings, and the love in their hearts wants to see you succeed, just as much as you want to see yourself succeed.

10. They Love The Real You

Your soulmate will love you for who you are, not who they want you to be. When they notice little quirks or flaws, they end of loving you all the more for them. Another name for this type of love is unconditional acceptance, something you may have felt at times with your mother or father. Soulmates have learned how to truly accept and embrace all parts of themselves, and in turn they can share this same love with you.

11. You Are Your Best Self With Your Partner

You are able to shine, enjoy life, and feel free with your partner. It’s easy to rest within a loving space of the heart when you’re together, and they help you bring out healthy qualities from within yourself. The two of you also are optimistic and hopeful of the future, which helps you to release any stress of insecurity.


If this tends to be how you feel with your partner, and you offer them the same, then you likely have found someone that can help you on a soul level and that you can build a truly loving relationship with.

You are loved.