Personality Test: Who You Notice First Contains Hints About Your Character

The drawing featured in this personality test is similar to a 100-year-old and very famous image that has been used in various areas of psychology; the rabbit-duck illusion.

In 1899, an American psychologist named Joseph Jastrow took a simple drawing that resembled both a duck and a rabbit and used it in his national lectures when explaining his theories on perception and human psychology. He thought that eyesight was more complex than a camera, and that the mental processing of images was central to one’s interpretation of the world. He illustrated this through optical illusions, including the rabbit-duck illusion. He believed that what people saw also depended on their emotional state and their surroundings.

While the ultimate meaning of what you see first is up to you to decide, enjoy this interesting personality test and see if what it says resonates with you. Take a look at the picture below and see who you first notice:

Who You Notice First Contains Hints About Your Character

1. The Man

If you first saw the older man in the picture, it indicates that you are a gentle, lovingly sensitive person who can feel and empathize with the feelings of others quite well.

The man’s eyes are closed, seemingly in a state of inner reflection and introspection. You are likely deeply interested in your own psychology and the connection between your mind and your feelings. While either a challenging past or a desire to help others has sparked your interest in discovering your beautiful inner landscape, you’ve learned to tolerate many feelings and have become a kind and gentled person. The ability to feel and easily understand the feelings of others, also known as being empathic, is one of your strengths, as developing your own emotional intelligence has given you insight into how others feel as well. Remember to take care of your feelings through self-care and the practice of self-compassion, and when your cup is fully replenished, you’ll be ready to shower your kind love onto others.

Seeing the older man first also reveals that you are likely a highly creative, free-willed and independent person. While planning is sometimes necessary, you often prefer to live in the moment and feel less stressed when able to enjoy one day at a time. As long as you can keep your life in order, this is a very positive way of living, as you’ve found a way to free yourself from the worries of the past and the fears of the future, by focusing on the peace in the present moment.

2. The Woman

If you first noticed the woman first, it indicates that you are an insightful, highly intelligent, and open-minded person.

The woman in the picture appears to be looking outward, observing and listening. You are likely a very compassionate listener when it comes to handling and dealing with the people in your life. When it comes to your circle of friends, you’re usually one of the first people they call when needing help or advice, as they know you can hear them and will likely know the best course of action to take. You are also able to listen to others without judgment, a skill you’ve developed that has more value than you know.

Those who see the woman first may also be currently searching for something in their life. There may be slightly hidden or unexpressed feelings and needs within your heart that have yet to be met. The best place to start is always within: spend some time in quiet reflection and really pay attention to the feelings and the love within your heart. What is it pointing to? Is there someone you want to see? Is there some place you’d like to go? Is there something deep within your heart that’s yearning for completion? Your feelings can tell you the answer, and once you’re clear on it, then it will be easier to identify in your life.

Those who see the woman first also often see the best in people, are great healers, and deeply desire to create a better world. Consider finding like-minded wonderful individuals such as yourself and working together to accomplish the beautiful ideas you have in mind. Charities, yoga classes, volunteer groups, all are places where people with caring hearts such as yours like to gather. Do a little looking, and you might find the inspiration your heart has been searching for.

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To test the validity of the original rabbit-duck illusion, to which this picture is similar to, research published in 2011 in the British Journal of Psychology had participants consider everyday objects and list as many uses for them as they could in two minutes. The uses could be both conventional and unconventional. The participants then were shown the rabbit-duck illusion and asked which animal they saw. If they saw both animals, the researchers recorded how long it took the participants to be able to flip between the rabbit and the duck.

The results confirmed the theory: Participants who could switch between the animals the fastest were also able to find an average of three more uses for the everyday objects, compared to the participants who had trouble switching between the rabbit and the duck. So if you are also able to switch back and forth between seeing the man and the woman simultaneously, you are likely a highly creative person.

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