Study Shows That Clutter Causes Anxiety; Removing These 20 Items Will Instantly Improve Your Mood

It’s well known that the world today is a highly materialistic one. In order to keep up with the times, we often must have the next new product, item or gadget on the market. People often strive for things that are bigger and better; items that promise an easier life. But do these items really improve the quality of one’s life?

The answer to a stress-free life isn’t in purchasing more items. In reality, many people do not even remember what they purchased during the previous week. Chances are that new purchases become long forgotten as the newer items come in. Contrary to what advertisements may tell you, having too many possessions can actually be very overwhelming.

It costs a lot of money to buy new things regularly and it costs more than money to maintain them – your time, effort and living space may also be at stake. The good news is that the solution to this situation is quite simple; find out how by reading below.

Declutter To Create Space

Having a cluttered home is a starting point for many other causes of stress in one’s life. A person may be underperforming at work simply because their home is not organized. By creating a clean working environment, it becomes much easier to focus, to be more productive and to get things done.

Decluttering your space physically is also a known way to declutter the mind. In a study conducted by UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives and Families (CELF), researchers found that a direct link exists between women’s stress levels and a high-density of household items. It was reported that having clutter could impact a person’s emotional state and self-esteem.

By making decluttering a habit, you are giving yourself both the physical and mental space for a stress-free environment.

Practice Minimalism

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Some people tend to believe that minimalism is equal to deprivation. But ask any minimalist and they will tell you that it is the total opposite. Minimalism is about finding joy in non-material objects and discovering the beauty in simple things.

It allows people the chance to rethink the purpose of each object in their lives, freeing them from their dependence on material possessions.

Start Decluttering Your Home By Removing These Items

Believe it or not, there is more than just the garbage lying around that causes stress. These items are right under our noses and yet, they may still be living in our homes. Here is a simple list of items that you can definitely live without:


Check your kitchen for old spices or expired ingredients. Not only do these bottles take up space in your cupboard, they should no longer be used for consumption as well.

1. Old shopping bags
2. Duplicate cooking utensils
3. Some of the magnets
4. Unused mugs
5. Old Spices

Bedroom and Wardrobe:

Perhaps you’ve lost weight or you are still holding on to that dress you had since you were a kid, but donating those clothes to someone who needs them will feel more fulfilling than stuffing them in your closet.

6. Old hangers
7. Olds dresses
8. Old sheets and bedding
9. Scarves and other accessories
10. Stockings with runs


Your bathroom may also be housing some expired cosmetic goods. Toss out dried up nail polish and makeup that is no longer fit for usage.

11. Old makeup
12. Old air fresheners
13. Dried-up nail polish
14. Worn our bath mats
15. Old toiletries, gels, and bottles

Living room:

Broken items that are beyond repair may be in your home because they are sentimental, but they may also be taking up space. The same rule applies to jigsaw puzzles with missing pieces or products that have hard-to-replace parts.

16. Toys your children don’t like anymore
17. Furniture manuals
18. Old unused batteries
19. Old newspapers
20. Old DVDs

Enjoy your clean room, free from worry and anxiety.

You are loved.