Please go out of your way to be extra kind at the grocery store…

Please Go Out Of Your Way To
Be Extra Kind At The Grocery Store.

Those working are doing the best they can;
providing a great service for us at their risk.
They have no control over the items that
are sold out. Please respect their space and
honor social distancing for them, as well
as others waiting in life. It could literally
save a life.

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To all the workers on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic: Thank you for all you are doing.

Thank you to all janitors and custodial workers, cleaning and sanitizing the facilities that we all use.

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Coronavirus prayer: I pray for healing for all those affected by this virus. We pray that all negative outcomes be resolved in your healing hands. Amen.

To all nurses and doctors: thank you for all you are doing to take care of people with the coronavirus, we admire you greatly.

Please stay safe and practice these 4 important safety measures as we overcome the coronavirus:

  1. Stay home as much as possible.
  2. Stay 2 meters away from other people.
  3. Wash your hands after touching any surface which has been touched by another.
  4. Wear a facemask at all times when in the grocery store.

You are Loved.

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