After A Donation Of Kindness Saved Her Life As A Child, She Has Committed To Saving The Lives Of 100 More

Oftentimes when a single seed of kindness is planted, it grows to be a big and beautiful tree of kindness, sharing 10 or even 100 times the amount of kindness that was once received. Such is the case with Naomi-Carmona Morshead and her goal to help mend 100 hearts of children who need heart surgery but can’t afford it.

As a congenital heart patient with aortic stenosis, Naomi had priorities that were different than the average North American child. Her visits to cardiologists and physical limitations led to surgery at the age of 10. Upon her release at age 15 from most restrictions, she believed her heart was 99% healthy.

Img: Naomi-Carmona Morshead

However at age 50 she found out differently. Two leaky heart valves require care and focus. Ten years forward to today, Naomi has been described as the “model of health everyone should follow.” Hiking 30 miles to 19,841 feet elevation on the tallest mountain in Africa is an example of extreme health.

Img: Naomi-Carmona Morshead
Img: Naomi-Carmona Morshead

Naomi decided to climb 8 mountains in 8 months to raise money for heart surgery for children in need. Her project Mending100Hearts is helping to provide funding for the heart surgeries for 100 patients in Third World countries who have no financial means and otherwise cannot survive.

When Naomi was 9, a kind stranger donated money to pay for the heart surgery that saved her life. After seeing similar surgeries save the lives of children today, Naomi decided to spend the rest of her life raising money for the non-profit MendingKids who fundraise for children who need heart surgery but can’t afford it.

“My mission is to be a resource for parents, children, families and my friends; to inspire them to “pay it forward” through contributions to the less fortunate,” Naomi says on her website mending100hearts.

Img: Naomi-Carmona Morshead
Img: Naomi-Carmona Morshead
Naomi has already helped to save 9 children. Img: Naomi-Carmona Morshead

One heart surgery for a child in Africa costs $3,000, and Naomi hopes to raise enough for 100 surgeries in her lifetime.

“I don’t want to die from disease, and I never want to see this happen to another child,” she said. “So I made an agreement to do everything I could to be as healthy as possible – and make sure others are, too.”

To help Naomi Mend 100 Hearts, please visit and reference donations as related to “Mending 100 Hearts.”

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