Homeless Man Given A Hotel Room And His Favorite Food ❤️

A homeless man was standing on the median of a busy street with a sign that read “God bless you.”

When asked if he needed anything to make his day better he said,

“I’m just trying to go over here and go and get a hotel room so I can take a shower and do some laundry.”

He had been staying in the homeless shelter with his friend, but the situation became a little stressful and his friend had court the following day, so he thought he’d like to try and raise a few dollars so the two of them could get a hotel to relax and shower.

“I can get a room for, you know, fifty, sixty bucks a night,” he said.

“What are you at right now?”

“I’m at about twenty.”

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He said he’d only eaten a little bit so far today, so I asked him what his favorite food was.

“Hamburger. I just love cheeseburgers,” he said with a smile.

Went and bought him three double cheeseburgers to go, and then got $40 ready so that he could get a hotel room with his friend for the night.

“I got you three double cheeseburgers.”

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“Oh you’re awesome man, thank you very much,” he said.

“I also got you $40 here, for you to get your hotel tonight alright.”

“God bless you brother, thank you,” he said.

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He was visibly moved and we shared a hug. He also felt relieved as he met his goal for the day and headed to sit down for a few to rest as we talked a little bit more.

“I got a buddy up the street, him and I you know, we were at the shelter, and we just like, ‘we gotta get outta here’. He’s got court tomorrow, and I’m like let’s go try and get a couple bucks where we get a sign, get a hotel room, and he can get cleaned up for court tomorrow, and really it’s a place where we can relax, chill, thank you.”

“So yeah God bless, everything is coming together,” he said.

Photo credit: Understanding Compassion

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