Kind Deliveryman Shoveled Snow Off The Stairs Of 87-Yr-Old Woman’s Home

During a delivery, a kind deliver driver shoveled the snow off the stairs of an 87-year-old woman’s home.

When Susan’s 87-year-old mother noticed that someone had shoveled her stairs in Nahant, Massachusetts, she was deeply grateful. She told her daughter of the stranger’s kindness and they decided to check their driveway camera footage to see who had helped.

They found that it was a delivery driver named Joshua Walsh, who works for his dad’s company John’s Oil. 

Photo credit: Susan C.

He had stopped by to refill the fuel tank with heating oil, and after seeing that the elderly woman’s stairs were covered with snow, he grabbed her shovel and cleaned the stairs up before he left.

Photo credit: Susan C.
Photo credit: Susan C.

Susan contacted the owner of John’s Oil, who is Joshua’s dad, to thank him and let him know that he raised a great son.

Photo credit: Susan C.

Many hearts online were grateful for Joshua’s kindness.

“So kind,” wrote Marijean H.

“Thank you for looking out for our senior citizens, and for having a beautiful heart,” commented Marianne S.

“Love and thoughtfulness are such a joy to see,” shared another.

You are Loved.

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