A Kind Person Found His Wallet On The Highway And Then Paid To Have It Mailed Back To Him

Losing things is never fun, especially when it’s a wallet full of money, credit cards and ID’s.

Beau Collins was checking his mail when he found that a kind person had not only found his wallet, but had returned it intact, and they even paid the postage!

“I have been missing my wallet for the last few weeks but just assumed my daughter had hidden it in the house and it would turn up eventually,” Beau shared in a post online. “Today I received a package in the post and inside was my wallet with everything still in it.”

A kind person had found Beau’s wallet on the highway and mailed it to him with everything in it, and also with a note.

“Inside was also a note explaining it was found in the highway but there was no name. I know it’s a very small chance but if everyone could share this post and see if the person who sent it back to me will see and contact me as I would love to say thank you. It’s great to see there are still honest and decent people in the world.”

Photo credit: Beau Collins

The note reads:

“Hello Beau, Found your wallet on the freeway. Sending back to you how I found it. Sorry you lost it. Take care, God Bless.”

The sender did not leave their name or a return address, but Beau was hoping to find them so he can thank them personally for their act of kindness.

Whoever the person is, their kindness has inspired thousands of people around the world.

“Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person.”

You are Loved.

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