Here Are Several Acts Of Kindness That May Help You Appreciate The Rain

Random acts of kindness happen all around us each and every day. Whether we are doing them personally, or seeing them happen from afar, their resonance leaves a beautiful touch of love in our hearts, and often stays there for years to come.

While a woman in a wheelchair was struggling to stay dry and get to her destination, one kind gentleman used his umbrella to shelter her from the rain.

In another area, a man decided to spend his afternoon helping people get to their cars during a storm, as Deepak Saini wrote on social media after capturing the act of kindness,

“I was about to leave the Kenner, LA Target when I noticed a major downpour outside. There were quite a few people waiting out the storm. Then I noticed a kind gentleman who turn by turn, escorted women, mothers and their kids, to their cars under the shelter of his umbrella. I’m sure he was busy and had his own family to return to. But in that moment, it didn’t matter that he was black and the woman in this picture was white. It was one human helping another. Right now we seem so focused on race and are letting ourselves be painfully divided. Kindness is something we all need to give to each other right now and let this man be an example.”

At one restaurant, three older women were not able to get to their vehicles during a heavy downpour, until one man decided to grab a large table umbrella and walk them to their cars himself.

This older man needed some help getting to his car during a storm, so this kind employee decided to grab a table umbrella and help him.

Keep on helping others get through their storms. Both of your rainbows are waiting on the other side.

If your heart was touched by these stories of kindness, let them inspire you to share some love and kindness with a person you encounter this week. Love and Gratitude ❤️