Kind Homeless Father Played Catch With Stranger Whose Dad Lived Far Away; Stranger Gave $500 After

After a kind homeless man played catch with a stranger whose father lived far away, the stranger left him with a $500 gift.

Jimmy Kellogg was walking outside of a dollar store when he saw a homeless man standing near a trashcan. He had a football with him, so he asked the homeless man, who’s name he learned is Darrell, if he’d play catch with him.

“Are you a father?” Jimmy asked.

“Yeah. I’m homeless… I’m trying to get some food or change right now,” Darrell replied.

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“My dad lives in Minnesota, so I was seeing if a father would be down to just throw the ball for a minute,” Jimmy said to Darrell.

Darrell agreed, and the two played catch together with a football in the parking lot.

Photo credit: Jimmydarts / YouTube

“You have any dad advice?” Jimmy asked.

“To my kids… I was locked up. I missed ten years of their life so… stay out of trouble and just take care of yourself and your kids man,” Darrell shared.

Because Darrell was so kind and played catch with him, afterwards Jimmy handed him $500.

Photo credit: Jimmydarts / YouTube

“Just like that? That’s a lot… Thank you,” Darrell said.

Photo credit: Jimmydarts / YouTube

“I can go get me something to eat now. This gift right there, I’ve never had nothing like that.”

Thousands of hearts online have appreciated both Darrell’s and Jimmy’s kindness towards one another.

“You’re a genuinely good human being,” commented David K.

“As soon as he got it… “I can get something to eat now…” ?” wrote Izzy.

“Makes me tear up… God bless,” wrote G.T.

“I just love how he was like “I can get something to eat now.” You can see he has a heart under all that pain and hurt,” wrote T.O.

Watch This Heartwarming Video Of Darrell And Jimmy Playing Catch:

You are Loved.

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