This 86 Year Old Man Learned How To Knit To Help Donate Over 300 Hats For Prematurely Born Babies

(Image Credit: Dogwood Forest Assisted Living)

Ed Moseley was undergoing chemotherapy when he became aware that over 2000 prematurely born infants are taken care of in his hospital each year. Without knowing how to knit, he decided to begin making warm hats for these newborns. “How can I knit? What do I need to do?” He asked his daughter. “Bless her heart, she went… and got a [starter loom] kit, yard and instruction kit for me. So I started slowly and learned, it just takes patience.”

Moseley began knitting hats while watching TV, and he began to inspire other residents at the Dogwood Forest Assisted Living Community to take part in the cause. Ed himself made over 55 hats, and began teaching classes on how to knit the warm little hats of love to other residents. Ed’s inspiration caused residents to help make another 300 more hats, and together they were able to donate over 350 hats to the hospital for National Preemie Awareness Day.

(Image Credit: Bunt Family)

Doug Bunt’s son Matthew was born prematurely and was given one of these beautiful hats. “To know there are other people who are thinking about the well-being of these babies, our babies, it’s really nice to know. The fact this man is taking time out of his day to help the kids really means a lot to us.” Doug said.

Moseley said his work isn’t done yet, that he enjoys knitting now and has plans to make and donate 30 warm hats every month for the little ones who can use all the love they can get. His truly compassionate heart shows us how the love from one person can inspire a community and the world to help make the world a better, and loving place.