How many of you have friends from 20 years ago?

How many of you have friends from 20 years ago?

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Sometimes it’s nice to be told that you are appreciated, loved, and beautiful; for no reason at all except to make you smile. 

To my Family & Friends: just want to say THANK YOU for being in my life. Love you. 

I want to say Thank You to the rare few individuals in my life who have listened without judgment, spoken without prejudice, understood without pretension, helped me without asking for anything in return, and loved me without conditions. 

Nothing beats hearing, “I Love you Mom!” 

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Bring an attitude of Love, Kindness and Grace wherever you go. 

How do we change the world? One random act of Kindness at a time.

~Morgan Freeman 

I think people forget that sometimes the person who tries to support everyone needs support too. 

I am sending you all a HUG as it’s the Perfect Gift. It’s Free! One size fits all… and it can be easily returned. 

This Is Your Weekly Reminder that you are Strong, Kind, Beautiful, Loved, and can handle anything this week throws at you. 

To the people who love me, thank you. I am so grateful you are in my life.

Mom, I Love You For all the times I forgot to thank you, for all the special little things you do, for all the words that sometimes go unspoken, I need to say, “Mom, I love you.” I love you for the way you stop and listen, and for your kind support throughout the years, for teaching me the meaning of compassion, and for sharing my triumphs and my tears. If at times I may have seemed ungrateful, I hope you can truly see, that nothing you’ve done has been forgotten, each day you’ve meant more and more to me. 

My Child, I Don’t Ever Want You To Forget How Much I Love You Sometimes Parents don’t make their feelings clear; they assume that their children know of the deep love they feel for them. Yet when misunderstandings occur, and things are left unsaid, it can lead to needless doubts and insecurities. I don’t ever want you to feel insecure, and I want you to remember these words I am telling you now, because they will always be current and never changing… You are the greatest thing that ever happened to me. There is nothing I’d rather see than your smile, and nothing I’d rather hear than your laughter. I am proud of the person you have become, and no matter what happens in your life, I want you to know I love you more than anything and I will always be here for you, forever and always. 

A single sentence spoken at the right time could change someone’s life forever. 

Being told you’re Appreciated is one of the simplest yet most Incredible things you can ever hear. 

I never cared about the material things someone could give me. I care about Time, Attention, Honesty, Loyalty and Effort. Those gifts mean more than anything money could ever buy. 

I hope you know that every time I tell you to get home safe, stay warm, have a good day, or sleep well, what I’m really saying is, “I Love You.” 

Watch this video of a child being rescued who was abandoned for “being a witch”:

You are Loved.

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