16 Things You’ll Notice When You’re In The Presence Of An Empath


You meet a stranger in a grocery store and they suddenly pour their heart out to you and tell you their life story.  You find yourself feeling some sort of connection with this person because you can really relate to them. You can’t help but experience their feelings right along with them.

If you’ve met a person or already have a friend like this, they could likely be an empath.

An empath hones a magnetism that instantly draws people toward them. It’s not just that they are sympathetic–it’s more than that. They have the ability to connect with another’s feelings and pains, and they also deeply experience it.

Here are 16 signs that you’re in the presence of an empath:

1. They are often described as “too sensitive.”

We often hear other people talk about how someone is too sensitive as if it is a negative attribute. But we forget that being sensitive implies a feeling of connectivity to another person’s experience; a connection between hearts. When we talk to someone who is sensitive, who knows and feels our situation, we feel lighter. So, it is not something to devalue. In fact, in our present time, we rarely meet these kinds of people, and if you do ever get the chance to know one, treasure them; they are a gift.

2. They hate being lied to.

You cannot lie to an empath, and if you do, they can tell when you are. An empath’s understanding nature gives them the ability to see and feel more than what people say. They are transparently honest, and can’t stand it when people lie to them. To them, there is no point in hiding the truth.

3. Negative images have a deep negative impact on them.

Some people can tolerate watching violent or terrifying movies, but empaths cannot. They would rather avoid seeing terrible scenes and knowing about sad stories as these have a direct impact on their deep seated feelings.

4. Crowds are overwhelming to them.

Empaths are often both introverts and extroverts, but they cannot last long in a crowd because of the large amount of different emotions of people all in one place. Empaths take this all in which is exhausting to them.

5. They find peace and happiness in helping others.

If you have that one friend who is always there when you need them the most, then you are a blessed person. Empaths love to help people and it gives them a sense of peace and happiness when they do something for another human being. When empaths help, they do not expect anything in return.

6. They think twice before pouring another cup of coffee or taking medicine.

Empaths have a strong reaction to stimulants like caffeine, which tends to increase anxiety and agitation. Similarly, empaths will often react adversely to medications, and thus, avoid using synthetic solutions.

7. They are true to themselves.

Empaths show who they really are and do not put on any masks. Because of their deep understanding of the nature of people, they have seen that all people are inherently good. Their honesty causes them to be very accepting of other people’s faults. Everyone is a work in progress.

8. They experience what others are going through with them.

Empaths are very connected to those who they care about and open up with. When you tell an empath what you are going through, they also feel what you feel. They have a direct sense of feeling with you, and can understand your experience deeper than other friends would. They experience it with you.

9. They have an incredible bond with animals.

There is no such thing as pets to empaths, because to them, pets are family. To the empath, animals are living creatures with feelings, not meant to be owned or kept in zoos, and deserve the right to live free and happy lives just like everyone else.

10. Being emotionally and physically exhausted is a common occurrence for them.

Listening to one person’s problems can take its toll on you, especially when the person is going through something really heavy. Imagine having to go through this all day with several other people. Because empaths are very sensitive to the emotions experienced by others, it makes them emotionally and physically vulnerable and often exhausted.

11. Giving good advice is their natural talent.

Empaths know how to listen, and they listen to every word you say. They put themselves in your shoes. They truly want to see you succeed and their advice is coming from this space in the heart. Their advice comes from understanding your situation, and is usually worth listening to.

12. They are easily distracted.

They get distracted easily because they see every beautiful detail of every day. The kind of details we usually take for granted, the ‘little things’.

Empaths are not only sensitive to your feelings, but they are also sensitive to their surroundings. They are observant to everything taking place around them, and love to be in nature.

13. They have no room in their lives for narcissists

An empath can be emotionally drained quickly by a narcissist, so they avoid them at all costs. Yet their openness and vulnerability often draws narcissists to them.

Sometimes relationships develop between the two, but they are deeply unhealthy for both, as it is similar to a predator and prey type of relationship.

14. They are hyper sensitive to sound.

An empath’s sensitivity to sound can help them to pickup on unnoticed frequencies and noises, but they are also sensitive to loud noises and this can bring them stress.

They avoid loud and unpleasant settings, yet pleasant sounds such as birds chirping and peaceful music help them to maintain their gentle and loving energy.

15. They are an above-average listener

Some people while listening are spending most of their energy planning what they are going to say in response. This can disrupt their understanding of what the other is saying, because they hadn’t given full attention to listening.

But with an empath, you get your point across easily because they know how to hear you. You feel very comfortable talking with them as they know how to handle a conversation; by truly listening and understanding without judgment.

16. They have a strange effect on electronics.

Hard to believe, but many empaths experience their electronics malfunctioning higher than normal. When they use a computer or a phone, they often have glitches or bugs, or lights become too bright or go out.

If you know someone who has all of these qualities, then consider yourself blessed.

Empaths are a gift to the world, and their sensitive natures should be treasured. Their purity makes them who they are.