Kind Child Sees Soles Falling Off Of Classmate’s Old Shoes So He Gave Him His Brand New LeBron 13s

One day after school, Erin Fedele’s son, Jaymes, asked her a question which warmed her heart.

He had noticed that a classmate of his had shoes that were so old and worn that the soles were falling off, and he was attempting at school to glue the soles back on. Jaymes’ parents could afford to buy him top of the line brand new sneakers, and when he saw his friend struggling with his shoes, he felt compassion for him.

He came home from school and asked his mother a beautiful question:

“Today, Jaymes asked me if he could give a pair of his LeBron 13s to a friend at school because his friends soles were falling off,” his mother Erin explained. “He said ‘why should I have all these nice shoes and my friend has to glue the bottoms on his?’ I’m beyond proud of the heart this kid has.”

Photo credit: Erin Fedele

Erin was so moved and proud of the kind heart of her son that she agreed to let him give his new LeBron 13 sneakers to his friend at school.

Jaymes brought the new sneakers to school and gave them to his friend. Later that day he told his mom how it went and how excited his friend became.

“Jaymes gave him the shoes in the hallway when it was just them two. The boy was so excited first thing he said was he couldn’t wait to show his dad!” Erin told Understanding Compassion.

Jaymes’ photo was shared by Love What Matters and thousands of hearts were moved by the kind gesture of a boy for his friend.

“A while back my sons friend gave him a pair of shoes, at first I was like give them back, but my son said ‘mom let me keep them till you’re able to buy me some, well he still is friends with the boy, and still has the shoes, I was able to buy him some, but he won’t get rid of the shoes his friend gave him.
I am so grateful a beautiful soul showed kindness to my son,” wrote Tania A.

“Our church collects shoes each year for migrants who live and work in the area. We were happy to find some great bargains at garage sales I wish we could do more,” commented Nancy H.

“My grandmother (she raised me) reminds me all the time about how I would ask her to pack extra school supplies and snacks for me because a girl in my class never had paper or pencils or a snack at snack time. Needless to say I’m now 24 years old and that little girl in my pre-k class that had nothing has been my life long best friend. I got to bless her with what she needed and she blesses me everyday with a friendship I wouldn’t trade for anything in this world :)” shared Ashley G.

Erin said that her son didn’t think it was such a big deal as he was just helping out his friend.

“Jaymes was shocked that it seemed like such a big deal to so many people when all he did was help a friend!” Erin told Understanding Compassion.

Jaymes’ kind heart teaches us how when we have more than we need, being generous and helping to relieve the suffering of those around us is how we make the world a better place. Jaymes’ friend surely now feels more confident at school, and he will likely remember this kindness he was shown for his entire life.

You are Loved.

Please share kindness with others: when we share stories and examples of compassion and kindness, we inspire and encourage others to be kind and compassionate in their daily lives, making the world a better place for everyone.

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