19 Profound Quotes On Living From The Heart By Master Philosopher John de Ruiter That Everyone Needs To Read

Canadian Philosopher John de Ruiter is a master of transformation and an innovative voice for spiritual evolution, teaching that life’s meaning can be known and lived through “core-splitting honesty” and “living from the heart.” In his teens, John awakened to foundational levels of existence and a truly beautiful way of living from the heart. Ever since, his life and teaching have been informed by that direct knowing from the heart, a true inspiration that he encourages in others.

Keep your focus on your heart and notice any opening and softness that occurs while you read these 19 profound quotes on love and living from the heart by master philosopher John de Ruiter:

1. “Knowing is the tiniest voice of truth within an open and soft heart. Core-splitting honesty is the ability to hear it.”

2. “If deep in your heart you warmly no longer need freedom, it begins.”

3. “Kindness is worth so much more than achievement.”

4. “What you know in your heart always shows you the way.”

5. “Love is the result of you being what you really are.”

6. “Love doesn’t suffer. Love, loves.”

7. “Home is within the little house of your heart.”

8. “Love has neither aversion to pain nor attraction to bliss. Love is just fully itself, in both.”

9. “Love will thrive in any environment.”

10. “A lovely heart produces a lovely mind and that produces a lovely life.”

11. “Be intimate with simplicity. It opens the heart and clears the mind.”

12. “You don’t need wisdom to be in your heart; being in your heart is what gives you wisdom.”

13. “Get to know the dance of the unbroken, golden thread in your heart. It is your way.”

14. “You exist so that truth can express itself through love.”

15. “Sweet openness is your first love.”

16. “Openness and softness of heart is your home.”

17. “As you love, you see by your light.”

18. “Love is what words are for.”

19. “When your heart opens you see. When your heart softens you love.”

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You are Loved.