5 Signs Your Personality Is So Strong It Can Be Intimidating To Others

“The lion doesn’t turn around when the small dog barks.”     – African Proverb

Do people often say you’re intimidating? Others might judge you easily without getting to know you first. Everything you are today is a culmination of each and every experience you’ve been through. Your attitude towards life might have become strong-willed because of this. A lot of people may not get your vibe or may even dislike you, but you should never apologize for being yourself; you are good enough just the way you are.

To put it simply, your life has been a roller coaster ride. This molded you into a strong, independent individual. Therefore, people might see you as cold-hearted or indifferent at times. You are often misunderstood and others may think you are harsh or rude. But in reality, it just takes a little more effort to see the soft side hidden underneath. People who are seen as intimidating are often actually kind-hearted and approachable.

These are some of the noticeable traits that are observed in ‘intimidating’ people:

1. Small talk annoys you

You seldom engage in small talk and you make constant effort to avoid it. You’re more into deep intellectual conversations. Trivial talk about the weather or ‘show-business’ does not interest you.

You’re actually often offended when someone interrupts you with small talk as you seek conversations with deeper meanings.

2. You don’t tolerate willful ignorance

You are open-minded and steer away from people who are judgmental; knowing that baseless judgment stems from ignorance. Ignorance can be cured by educating yourself.
But if the person is unwilling to do so for themselves, then you would either avoid them or it could lead to conflict.

3. You see more opportunities than others

Due to the fact that you are open-minded; you are able to see more opportunities in situations. This trait aids in your survival and helps you get through even the toughest trials.

You may have to deal with envy and hostility from others around you because you are capable of achieving success through difficult circumstances.

4. You focus on solutions, not problems

Driven individuals set their minds toward their goals and get them done. Excuses are never welcome, especially if it gets in the way of the task at hand. They do not appreciate people who complain, whine and fail to accomplish things by themselves.

While it’s always good to understand another’s situation and their struggles and to stay kind, you would prefer to stay focused on what you can accomplish and to not be distracted from your goals.

5. You keep your word

You value honesty the most. You speak your mind and structure your points directly and are not afraid of coming off as rude or disrespectful.

Lying is never an option and you stand by your word, no matter what. You choose your friends wisely and do not feel the need to relate to everyone. Those who choose to lie are usually not welcome in your circle.

If you can relate to this or know someone who does, then you should realize by now that people with strong personalities may appear intimidating but in truth they are not savage or unkind. It’s not their intention to dominate you in any way.

They just cannot hold back their frustration when dealing with people who are not themselves direct, honest and strong-willed.

A little understanding can go a long way in helping people to relate to one another and to get along. You are loved.