7 Signs Someone You Met Is An Earth Angel

You may know these types of people by a of couple different names; either lightworkers, earth angels, indigos or something similar. Lightworkers have come here to shine and share their light of consciousness and love as brightly as possible, and to bring about positive change to this planet.

They move beyond hate, intolerance, violence, and oppression and focus on love, kindness, compassion and healing. These Earth Angels desire for everyone to be free from suffering and to live in harmony.

Religious texts often describe Angels as beings of extraordinary illumination, power, gentleness and love, that communicate messages from the divine. However Earth Angels can walk among us, and we know who they are by the kindness they show us when we are at our lowest, and by how much love we feel in our hearts when they are around.

Here are 7 signs that reveal someone you’ve met is an Earth Angel:

1. Change Of Heart

At times if you’ve been in a deep, dark and hopeless place, a stranger entered your life unexpectedly and helped you get through it.

They brightened your day, and what seemed so simple from them was actually something of great importance to you in your healing. They may have done a lot or a little, but their presence was enough to grow the light in your heart that helped you get through.

2. Awakening

When stuck or wallowing in a mindset, emotions or situation, you suddenly come across a person whose presence inexplicably inspires you. You begin to remember your purpose in life and your energy returns.

Their smile touches a tender place in your heart that reminds you that life is worth living, that things will get better, and that you are deeply loved.

3. Activate Your Senses

Earth Angels have a powerful energy that comes from being deeply rested in the heart and having a calm mind, and when you’re around them you suddenly feel very alert, calm, and in the present moment.

Being around them causes you to stop and enjoy the little things in life; stopping to smell the roses. We remember feelings we had when we were children, and we begin to feel more human again.

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4. Feeling Young Again

Sometimes in life we meet a person who surprisingly makes us feel youthful and young again. It could be their demeanor, their laughter, or the way they compliment you and show you kindness.

The interaction with them causes you to open up and to soften, to smile brighter and to have some fun. They remind you that youth is state of mind, and that age is only a number.

5. Confession

Sometimes we meet a stranger who we just feel comfortable opening up to about our life story, and this person genuinely listens and gives us the care that we’ve needed. They may share their similar experiences, and your connection feels just right at the moment you needed it the most.

You feel lighter somehow after talking with them, and you look forward to the next day. These Earth Angels are here for your support.

6. Healing

Earth Angels are healers, and their presence makes you feel like there is nothing too dark or too wrong about you that cannot be opened, soothed, and healed. We feel a boost in energy while around them, both physical, emotional and spiritual.

Sometimes their simple touch can make you wonder; how did their hands become so soft, why does their hug make me forget the past and feel so wonderful, or why does their gaze somehow relax me deeply. If you’ve experienced some sort of healing or pain relief while in the presence of another person, they just might be your Earth Angel.

7. Acceptance

Love is unconditional acceptance, and when you are with an Earth Angel you suddenly feel that everything about you is unconditionally okay.

Much like being a child near a parent who comforted you, their energy nurtures you and brings brightness back into your life. They help you to be relieved of all self-judgment, and inspire you to accept yourself, just the way you are.

If you’ve met an Earth Angel, you are very fortunate, and if you still know them, let them know how grateful you are to have them in your life.

Love and Gratitude.