Here Are 10 Simple Ways To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home, Raise Your Vibration, and Align Yourself With Your Desires!

We all want to manifest our dreams and achieve our goals as quickly as possible, and it’s important to remember that we have the power to do so. The outer lives we create and currently have are near direct matches to our inner ways of thinking, emotional states, and ways of being. When we begin to tell ourselves that we are good enough, that we deserve and are worthy of something, and then are able to let go of the outcome, we begin to set the inner stage we need to manifest what we truly desire.

The homes we live in can also affect our energy and overall emotional and mental states. As you’ve probably heard before, there is a connection between a messy room and a stressed mind, and between a clean room and a clear mind. To fully optimize our living situation to help us achieve what we want and to be ready for the next level, it’s important to remove objects in our homes that could be having a negative impact on us, and to replace them with positive ones.

Here Are 10 Simple Ways To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home, Raise Your Vibration, and Align Yourself With Your Desires!

1. Do More Of What You Love

Are you genuinely happy every day with your life and what you’re doing? Does your work make you come alive and bring you true joy? Many of us work jobs in order to survive, but aren’t very passionate about what we’re doing. It’s important to listen to your heart and to find out what you truly want to be doing, and then to build your life around that. The main worry for most people comes up saying, ‘Well I need money,’ and it’s at this point to be open to this possibility; ‘When You Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow.’

When you listen to your heart, you discover things you want to do that you’re genuinely passionate about, and when you align your career with what you want to do in your heart, your energy levels and accomplishments go sky high. It may require a new town, or even a new country, but being able to do what truly satisfies you is something that can give meaning to one’s life, and you’ll look back on it and be so thankful that you made the choice to follow your heart.

You can also raise your vibration by doing more of things outside of work that you love, for example take a class on something you’re interested in, spend more time reading a book on a topic you love, practice self-care and self-compassion, make more time for exercise, all of these things can and will raise your vibration and bring your emotional state up to attract the live you truly desire.

2. Be Grateful

Nothing can shift one’s mindset and emotional state faster than practicing gratitude. By thinking of or writing down 5 to 10 things you were grateful for each day, you’re able to focus on the positive side of life and start to appreciate the good things you’re already blessed with. This in turn creates and attracts more things that make you feel grateful, and as long as you keep up the practice, you’ll receive the fruits of it.

It’s quite common for people to begin feeling happier within a short time of practicing being gratitude, so enjoy raising your vibration, feeling grateful each day, and releasing any negative thoughts that are slowing you down.

3. Make Affirmations

Positive daily affirmations are a powerful way to change your thinking and belief system, and to create your own reality. They work especially well in building self-esteem, and in healing old patterns or ideas that have affected us in a negative way.

I am enough, just as I am.
I am lovable, I am good enough.
I can do it.
I am safe, and everything is working out for my higher good.

These are all powerful affirmations that, besides being true, can help you bring about an energy of being good enough for what you desire, and then attracting it when it shows up.

4. Throw Out Things That Remind You Of Negativity From The Past

We all tend to hold onto too many things that we don’t need or that bring up negative memories from the past; photos, objects, feelings… the important thing is to free ourselves for new and positive experiences by letting go.

For material things, it can be useful to sort through anything you have that isn’t reflecting where you want to be or where you want to go, and either pack it up or donate it to charity.

For emotions, it really helps to sit down in a calm space, and practice self-compassion and affirmations of gratitude and release. While in a quiet place, focus on the feeling of love in your heart, and once you’re steady in this feeling of love, bring the love to the feelings that are bothering your or holding you back. Stay with the feeling of love through the resistance that first comes, and then let the love wash over all of the pain, guilt, sadness and worries of the past. Love the ‘you’ that is struggling within those feelings from different times in your life, and then together with the love, warmly and sweetly let them go.

Say to these past feelings, ‘Thank you for your previous help in protecting me, in keeping me safe, and in telling me what my deeper needs were at the time. Thank you for your help, now be released and replaced with unconditional love.’

Consistent weekly practice will help you to feel relieved, lighter, free, and will raise your vibration to a loving a peaceful level.

5. Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps can cleanse and deodorize the air, and these incredible lamps have numerous health benefits. If you’ve ever been inside of a ‘healing room’ or a store that seems to have wonderful energy, you’ll always notice a Himalayan salt lamp lit up within it.

There are claims that the lamps reduce coughing and asthma symptoms, and it’s possible that the warm glow from the lamps bring a soothing feeling to people within the room. If you don’t have one already, they’re not very expensive and you can find them online here.

6. Meditate

You can also deepen your peace of mind and raise your vibration by practicing a few minutes each day of meditation. Meditation is a time to quiet the mind, and to focus on our body, our heart and on our deeper knowing. Love, gratitude and openness and softness within the heart are all wonderful things to focus on during meditation, and bring us into a wonderfully positive state of mind.

It’s important to accept all of the thoughts and feelings as they occur, to let them flow naturally, and to keep your focus within the stillness of your heart. Let the love and stillness enter you, and just rest.

Some of our greatest moments of inspiration can come from deep places of silence within, as Einstein once famously said, “I think 99 times and I find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence, and the truth comes to me.”

7. Bring As Much Nature As Possible Into Your Home

Bring as much nature as possible into your home in the form of open windows, fresh bright light, oxygen producing plants and beautiful flowers. Fresh air can work wonders on our mood, as often times dust collects within the home and can irritate our sinuses. Always keep a healthy circulation of fresh air flowing.

Sage can also be used as an incense to clear out negative energy, which while unproven for results, has been an ancient tradition for many cultures, and might be worth trying.

8. Don’t Invite People You’re Uncomfortable With Into Your Home

While this can be difficult to do within a family during the holidays if you’re not getting along with someone at the moment, for most of the time it’s possible. To maintain your positive living space, only allow people over who make you feel good, either just through natural enjoyment or through you feeling good by helping them.

If you have a reason to meet people you’re not totally comfortable with, choose a public space outside of your home to meet, and keep your home associated only with what makes you feel good and brings you higher.

9. Cleanse That Clutter

More than once each year, have a ‘Spring cleaning’ session and relieve yourself from extra clutter. Keep surfaces clear and clean, and allow more light into your home.

Studies have shown that reducing clutter within one’s living space reduces anxiety, which is very important in raising your vibration and creating the life you desire.

Charities and thrift stores love your unneeded items, so do yourself a favor and free yourself from whatever you can, and brighten someone else’s day at the same time 🙂

10. Put Up Pictures And Things That Remind You Of The Good Times

When you have those amazing trips, wonderful experiences and exciting ideas, make sure you put them in a visible place within your home so that the positive feelings and memories you have from them will constantly be seen and will bring up your emotional state.

It’s also helpful to put up positive affirmations on the walls, and beautiful pictures of nature to keep you feeling positive and cheerful.

With these 10 tips in mind, are you ready to remove the negative energy in your life and replace it with positive and loving energy?

Enjoy manifesting your heart’s dreams, and remember to stay kind to those around you on the way.

You are worthy, and you are loved.