Can You Spot 5 Words In 5 Puzzles In Under 5 Minutes? (4 More Within)

There are five hidden words within these five pictures, can you spot them all?

The information we choose to focus on, to learn, to watch, and to read can have powerful effects on our daily thinking patterns, our feelings, and our overall lives. Choosing to read and learn positive information is key for developing a happy life. What we choose to focus on is what we grow in our lives, and in the world. So why not grow love and kindness?

Positive information; positive acts of compassion and kindness happen millions of times each day, and are often some of the most beautiful things we can experience in our lives. Yet all too often, our TVs focus on the negative side of life, causing resentment, hatred and fear.

Let this simple exercise give you the psychological and mental benefits that come with solving puzzles, but also let it help you to begin focusing on the positive information and wonderful things that exist all around you.

Can You Spot 5 Words In These 5 Puzzles Below In Under 5 Minutes?

(Answers are at the bottom)

1. How Fast Can You Spot The Word ‘Mercy’

2. Can You Find The Word: ‘Tenderness’

3. How Fast Can You See The Word: ‘Understanding’

4. Good Luck Here 🙂 Find ‘Warmth’

5. How Fast Can You Spot ‘Goodness’

Were you able to find all 5 words in under 5 minutes?

If so, you have a keen eye for the good things in life, and your positive mind is sure to help you attract a positive life.

Stay focused on and grateful for all of the blessings in your life, this is a sure way to bring about greater happiness.

You are loved.


1. Mercy

2. Tenderness

3. Understanding

4. Warmth

5. Goodness

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