Every Empath Will Try To Hide These 10 Things From You

Are you a sensitive person? Or do you know someone who others would describe as too sensitive?

If you do, then this person might be an empath. Empaths are a blessing to those around them. An empath has an exceptional understanding of people’s emotions and their ways of thinking. Like a precious gem, empaths deserve careful treatment.

But what exactly is an empath?

An empath is someone who has a deep understanding and connection with people. People in this circle include family, friends, and even strangers. They can tell if someone needs their help.

Empathy connotes a deeper meaning compared to sympathy. Sympathy is when we care or feel concern for someone and hope that their situation improves. When you are empathetic, you put yourself in the shoes of someone, and have a deep understanding and connection to what their experience actually is. Empaths experience the same experience as those they connect with by connecting to your feelings.

Scientists discovered distinct brain cells that respond when a person feels empathy. An empath’s brain is predisposed to respond this way.

It is not surprising to understand that empaths are meticulous when it comes to establishing connections with other people. They need to be vigilant when it comes to dealing with the many different emotions that they come across, and they don’t always like to reveal that they are an empath. Their sensitive nature puts them in a vulnerable position when it comes to dealing with emotions that run deep.

Here are 10 signs that you or someone you know is an empath:

1. Sensitivity

Empaths often try to conceal the fact that they feel things so deeply, and in order to avoid being a burden to those around them but rather to be a source of strength, them sometimes hide these feelings.

2. Ability to Absorb Emotions

An empath takes in your feelings whatever they may be. They will put themselves in your shoes and experience the same feelings you have. Whether you are happy or sad, they will also feel the same way.

3. Introversion

When empaths expose themselves to different emotions, they eventually need to get some time alone and recharge. The prospect of having to face these challenges every day will take its toll on the empath and they can end up being emotionally exhausted without proper self-care.

A time for contemplation will help the empath recuperate from this exhaustion.

4. Connection to Nature

Most of us experience some level of peace and comfort when we allow ourselves to be in the presence of nature. Nature is bliss. It is a haven for all living creatures.

A person who holds strong feelings of yearning to be away from the concrete jungle and to be in the garden of mother nature is also an empath. While most of us enjoy the great outdoors and the adventures it holds, empaths feel this on a much deeper level. A natural environment is both relaxing and reviving for an empath.

5. Ability to Detect Lies

There is no use lying to an empath. They have sharp senses when it comes to telling the truth from lies. Their deep understanding of the human psyche enables them to very accurately detect dishonesty.

6. Giving Too Much

Empaths occupy themselves with helping others in their time of need. But through these encounters empaths can also take on a lot of difficult feelings.

Helping others is a necessity for the empath. So, even though they spend some time alone to renew themselves, they may feel that it is selfish. Empaths still need to take care of themselves, and self-care is a priority, and not selfish in the least.

7. Heightened Intuition

Empaths are very intuitive because of their ability to relate to the universe. It is not hard for an empath to trust their instinct.

They rely on their keen intuition as their guide in making every day decisions.

8.Tendency to Get Stressed Out

Emotions run deep within an empath. They relate to different people and withstand a lot of intense feelings every day.

Aside from this heightened level of emotions, they have a lot of responsibilities to handle.
This combination of experience makes the empath susceptible to high levels of stress.

9. Easy to Take Advantage Of

The empath’s accepting nature makes them an easy target for people who have devious intentions. These people use the empath’s forgiving attitude to their advantage.

They can easily over-ask the empath to do their bidding. The empath’s sensitive personality makes them vulnerable to always helping those who ask.

The empath needs to take care when associating with various kinds of people. If they get the impression that someone is using them and not in genuine need, then empaths should walk away.

10. Ability to Love Deeply

It is no wonder why people flock to empaths; An empath’s welcoming personality makes people feel unconditionally loved.

When an empath is in love, they feel it deep. From their lifetime partner to family and friends, their love covers all aspects of each situation, and their thoughtfulness is so kind.

As an empathic individual, they have concern for everyone in their community. They are involved and easily affected by issues around them.

If you have someone in your life that has all these qualities, you might understand now why they spend some time on their own.

Empaths need to be understood by the people who surround them. They also deserve and need to heal themselves from the rollercoaster ride of emotions they experience in their daily lives.

Show them that you know what they are going through and that you recognize their need for space and self-care.

Life is challenging for the empath. Experiencing what others go through is a draining ordeal for them.

Treat them with respect. We are fortunate to have them grace our lives.