Fun Test: The First Word You See Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

Who are you based on the first word you see?

It’s an old saying, “We see what we want to see and hear what we want to hear,” but the reality is that we tend to gravitate towards and see things which match our emotional state and way of thinking. If we are feeling happy one day, then we may tend to see happy things around us; we see the person walking their cute puppy down the street and think about how cute it is, or we may pick up on someone smiling and smile in return. On the other hand, if we aren’t feeling good, we can focus on things that are not visually appealing: we may see the muddy water running down the side of the street and think how yucky it looks, or we may notice some discarded trash laying around, further adding to our experience of unhappiness.

We unconsciously attract to ourselves things that align with our feelings, thinking, personality, traits, goals, and wants. Our perception of our world reflects on who we are as an individual.

Look at the picture and remember the first word you see, then read below to find out what it means:

What is the first word you see?

#1 Trust

If the word Trust caught your eye, then you are a trustworthy person and others tend to confide in you. Your friends and family know they can divulge their secrets or problems to you without having to feel judged or that you will pass them on without their permission.

You are the kind of person who values privacy, which gives the people who know you a sense of security and calm. You are reliable to others and your actions match your words. Aside from that, you are also a very trusting person, you believe what others tell you and often give them the benefit of the doubt.

#2 Love

If love is the word that caught your attention, you are a person whose heart overflows with love and you see loving experiences everywhere you go. You have a very kind and warm personality and you generously share it with others.

To you, love conquers all, and it matters more than anything else. Your love is deep and pure and not a lot of people can love unconditionally like you do.

#3 Kind

Those who practice genuine kindness are truly people to be valued in life. If this was the first word that caught your eye, then you are one of the treasured people who possess this wonderful skill and ability. Kind people like you make the world go round.

You may not always receive the same treatment from others that you give, but that is the essence of kindness, you do not expect anything in return. Yet you will find that those around you will answer you with kindness when you find yourself needing it the most.


#4 Wise

True wisdom stems from an individual’s willingness to understand and learn rather than judge.

If you saw the word ‘Wise’ first, you are the kind of person who would prefer to probe deeper into your thoughts than to make quick judgments about people and life; a beautiful habit. You often ponder and reflect on the essence of life and its deeper meaning.

#5 Compassion

If compassion is the first word that caught your attention, then you have a beautiful heart and it has been called to help serve the world.

You see the humanness is all people, and you see the life in all living things.  You love others as your self, and when someone is struggling or in need, your heart goes out to them. Others may not always recognize your value, but you are truly a blessing to anyone who is lucky enough to have you as a friend or family member. When you choose to follow your heart, great things happen in your life; both for you and for those around you.

#6 Loyal

Did you see Loyal first? If so, loyalty is your driving force. Loyalty matters a lot to you, and it can be used to describe you as well.

You stay away from people who are unreliable or don’t usually keep their word. Loyalty takes time to build and once you establish it with someone, you value staying faithful and reliable whether it be your significant other, your family, or your friends. A loyal friend is one of the best things to have, and the people around you can depend on you when they really need it.

#7 Truth

The truth will set you free, but many of us can be uneasy about always facing the truth. If this was the word that you saw, you are a person who persists in looking for and upholding the truth you know. You are a person who seeks deeply within themselves for answers about life and have found that being deeply honest within helps you to find clarity within your own experience.

You are straightforward and forthright in what you say. To you, it is better to say what is true, no matter what the case may be, rather than give out false assurances in the form of sweet lies. When you stay true to your heart, you are bound to discover the deep meaning of life.

#8 Honest

Among all other words, Honest was the one you saw first. This means you have a truthful and sincere personality. You are genuine and frank when it comes to relating to other people. You value honesty and you know what it takes to maintain being an honest person.

You are able to accept yourself for who you are, and as you are; strengths and flaws together. This enables you to open up and to be honest with yourself and with others. You are an honest person in your core and you stay steadfast in this virtue, your personality is unparalleled.