Kind Apartment Neighbors Setup Community Pantry Where Everyone Leaves Extra Food For Those Who Need It

A kind group of people living in the same apartment complex are making sure their neighbors all have enough to eat.

A young woman named Renee living in Dallas, Texas, found something very kind that her neighbors had setup at her apartment complex.

Whenever any of her neighbors has extra food, they bring it to a “community pantry” which is located in their building, so that if any neighbors or their children don’t have enough food to eat, that they can take whatever they need.

“My apartment complex has a community pantry where we (residents) drop things we don’t need for those who may need it – check this out,” Renee shared in a post online.

Photo credit: upupandrenee / Twitter

The pantry has shelves for canned food, and they have a refrigerator for extra cooked meals. They also dedicated a shelf to sharing extra dog and cat food and treats for their furry friends.

“They also have a shelf full of cat/dog food and treats!”

“There’s a whole fridge too :-)”

Photo credit: upupandrenee / Twitter

Renee was deeply moved by her neighbor’s kindness.

“It warms my heart bc you never know who may be in need,” she wrote.

You are Loved.

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