Here’s What You Should Look For In A Significant Other, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Most of us know the strengths and qualities related to our Zodiac signs, but do we also know what qualities in a partner will compliment our own?

Opposites can attract, but after the honeymoon phase is over they can make for a more challenging relationship. What works best is when two people naturally match well together and have learned and studied the principles for healthy communication with each other.

Here’s What You Should Look For In A Significant Other, Based On Your Zodiac Sign:

1. Aries

Your ideal match is someone who is ready and willing to give you all the support you need to succeed. You have wonderful strengths of ambition, passion and a heartfelt desire to see everyone do well in life, and it’s important to have a partner who has the same level of passion as you. Someone who appreciates your passionate motivation and wants to work together to achieve mutual dreams can keep up with your pace, as others who are less motivated may be intimidated by your strength. That’s why you need someone who is turned on by your drive, and not turned off by your fierce determination.

2. Taurus

As you always put 100% into everything you do, you simply do not have the time for someone who is unwilling to reciprocate and focus all of their energy into making a healthy relationship with you. You need your significant other to be fun yet serious, kind, genuine and sincere. Someone who is indecisive, uncommitted or unstable may not be the best for you. Find someone who is willing to show you just how much you mean to them, whether it’s through a delicious home-cooked meal, a heartfelt letter, or even a longer than usual hug.

3. Gemini

Balance is the key in all areas of your life. Your joyful personality can be somewhat of a rollercoaster at times, with highs and lows that result from your many interests and wide array of personal experiences. You’re highly adaptable which opens up much of your options for a good fit with a significant other. Someone who can offer you steadiness, calm, and a sense of peace within your relationship can serve as a wonderful beacon of equilibrium for you. This person knows how to use healthy communication techniques, such as non-violent communication, in order to express needs and feelings in a calm and understandable way, and they likely have a personal exercise routine which helps keep them grounded and feeling good. Keep your eyes open for the calm and sense of relief you feel when you’re together.


4. Cancer

Your heartfelt emotions are a significant part of your being; they play a strong role in helping you make decisions and in helping you feel what’s right for you. With this in mind, you do not have time for someone who does not have time for your feelings. Your ideal match is someone who knows how to listen with compassion. They know how to pause what they’re saying, listen, reflect back what you’ve said, and are able to hear your underlying needs behind your feelings. You deserve someone who honors and values emotions, who loves you just the way you are, and who understands that so-called “negative emotions” are really just feelings explaining that something deeper is going on.

5. Leo

The spotlight loves you and you often love the spotlight. This is mainly because you have the type of warm and enjoyable energy that belongs in front of an audience. While you may not want another Leo, as the spotlight tends to only stay on one person, it’s a good idea if you can find someone who can match your naturally charming charisma. This can be manifested in many different ways; sweetness, kindness, intelligence and humorous. Stay patient when looking for love, and if you find someone who has these four qualities, consider making a real effort to include them in your life.

6. Virgo

Loyalty is one of your strongest traits, and you deserve someone who is just as loyal as you. Fierce, compassionate dedication is what everyone seeks in a relationship, and you’re a very real ‘catch’ as this is something that comes naturally to you. When decided if a person is a loyal partner for you; notice if they are reliable and honest, consider if they are supportive of you, determine if they are emotionally mature, notice how the two of you deal with conflict, and have an honest conversation with them where the two of you openly share with each other what your idea of loyalty means. Being clear with communication and understanding each other is the key to a long-lasting and healthy relationship.

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7. Libra

No one needs to check your moral compass to make sure it’s pointing north, and the same should be true of your partner. You are a very kind-natured person, lovingly sensitive at times, and have numerous beautiful things about you. Your ideal match is someone who is also genuinely kind, and someone who knows how to be gentle with the real you. Look for someone who shares similar values with you, and take the time asking meaningful questions when you’re together and have meaningful conversations to discover your similarities and differences. Balance within the relationship is also an important quality to look for in a partner, so find someone who is looking to put in equal amounts of work into creating a healthy and satisfying relationship.

8. Scorpio

As a person of strength, love, and sometimes intensity, it’s best to find a partner who is not looking to compete with you, but who is rather supportive of you. They should feel somewhat protected by your power, someone who enjoys your passionate spirit, and whose patience shines if and when your stubbornness gets the best of you. Acceptance is a wonderful quality to look for in a potential partner. Find someone who can handle your joys as well as your down days, who can love you when you’re relaxing at home on the sofa just as much as when you’re dressed up and on a date.

9. Sagittarius

Without a doubt, your partner must be able to embrace those moments when your spontaneity comes out to play. Specifically, they should not hold you back from following your heart, or this could lead to feelings of unhappiness. Get a feel for whether or not your potential partner loves adventure just as much as you do. They should be independent, like you, but should also feel excited for those moments that the two of you get to spend together.

10. Capricorn

Responsibility and reliability are two very important qualities to you, and your partner should have their life figured out when it comes to these two wonderful qualities. In times when you struggle to stay positive within your relationship, having a partner who is trustworthy and who you can count on are two solid foundations that can help you gain peace and can lead to a long and satisfying relationship. They need to have a certain positive consistency, and also need to know how to express their love to you. If you notice their integrity, reliability, and that they openly show you how much they love you, then you’ve found someone worth spending your valuable time with.

11. Aquarius

The ideal partner for social and lovable Aquarius is someone who is just as people-oriented as you are. Steer clear from those who are a little too anti-social for your taste, as staying active in numerous wonderful causes helps you to feel alive. You thrive around like-minded individuals who make you feel loved and supported, so look for a caring and compassionate listener who shares similar interests in how to have a good time. Keep in mind it’s also possible to have a healthy relationship without completely merging the two of your groups of friends.

12. Pisces

As someone who has wonderfully bright ideas and likes to spend some of their time with their head in the most creative of clouds, a bit of balance would work well for you. Specifically, look for a partner who can help keep you down to Earth, while encouraging your exciting creativity. This can come in many forms, including but not limited to someone who enjoys similar exercise routines such as yoga, hiking, or the gym, someone who practices mindfulness, or someone who has their own way of releasing stress and putting a smile on their face. If you can also find some level of interest in their balance creating habits, the two of you have the potential for a wonderfully satisfying relationship. Your heart knows the right one for you.

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