See If These 2 Lines Connect When You Bring Your Hands Together

Fortune telling through palm reading has been fascinating to people for thousands of years. If given an opportunity to visit a palm reader, admit it or not, most of us would probably take the chance to see what they had to tell us.

It is tempting to find out what the future holds for each of us. Even Alexander the great, when showed palm reading by Aristotle, used it to determine his military generals and to guide many decisions. Palm reading has an inviting charm that entices one’s curiosity.

If you are interested to learn what your palm says about your love life, The Line of Marriage can help you.

You can read all about it below and find out what your palm is telling you about your love life:

Both Lines Are Perfectly Aligned

If the lines on both palms are of the same height, it implies gentleness, sensitivity, and common sense. You have one of the purest hearts and your everyday demeanor inspires those around you to be kinder.

Being a wonderfully empathetic person, those close to you tend to seek you out for advice and to be their support to listen to them in times of need.

Your partner will be someone who loves to socialize, and is quite popular, while gaining acceptance, love and respect from everyone around them.

Their integrity makes it easy for you to trust them, and their acceptance of you allows you to feel safe and allows your heart to gently open and blossom.

Lines with the same height also can mean a lack of spontaneity in marriage because you tend to like things to be planned out carefully, so just remember to have a few fun and enjoyable adventures together.

If The Right Handed Line Is Higher

A higher right handed line on your palm indicates wisdom and means that you’re an old soul. In turn you seek out the wise, which means that you tend to have good relationships with people who are older and with more experience.

Aside from that, you are an optimistic person who is eager and full of energy.

Because of this, you have an incredible way of relating to other people. Being “normal” has never been interesting to you, and you tend to appreciate the beauty in people and things that have their own creative and unique expressions.

The opinions of others do not sway you, as your deep understanding of life allows you to be confident in your beliefs as well as honest about your opinions.

Your partner also does not ‘beat around the bush’ and can converse with you gently while also respecting your wise opinions.

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If The Left Handed Line Is Higher

If your palm shows a higher left handed line, it implies you have a strong passion and drive for many things in life that really inspire your heart.

When it comes to love, you tend to enjoy the thrill and the romance of a challenge, and you have no problem in getting past whatever is between you and your heart’s desire.

People with a higher left handed line also tend to have a natural beauty that a lot of people find very beautiful, handsome, and attractive.

Your partner could be someone from abroad or from a different area of the country than you, as the thrill and excitement of learning from each other’s different ideas keeps the spark of love alive for a lifetime.

Finding new loving challenges and potential ways to help those around you in your community can help secure the bond for life.

How do the lines match up on your palms?

Let us know in the comments. You are loved.