The First Word You See And What It Says About Your Personality

Who are you based on the first word you see?

It’s a famous saying, “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are,” but the reality is that we tend to gravitate towards and see things which match our emotional state and way of thinking. When we experience happiness, we often tend to see the happy things around us; we see a Mom with her child and stop for a second just to enjoy the cuteness and purity of the young one playing, or we may notice someone smiling and smile in return. On the other hand, if we aren’t feeling good, we can tend to focus on and pick up on things that are not visually appealing and add to our unhappiness: we may think negatively about a person walking by when there is nothing negative going on, or we may notice some litter on the side of the road rather than the beautiful flower beside it, further adding to our experience of unhappiness.

Also known as the law of attraction, we unconsciously attract to ourselves things that align with our feelings, thinking, personality, traits, goals, and wants. By focusing on positive or negative thoughts, a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life. Our perception of our world reflects on who we are as an individual. This is why the practice of self-compassion is so important. When we begin to practice feeling the feeling of love for all of the parts of ourselves, we begin to see loving things inside and outside of ourselves, and attract loving things into our lives.

Look at the picture and remember the first word you see, then read below to find out what it means:

What is the first word you see?

1. Friendly

If Friendly was the first word that caught your eye, then you have a glowing personality that tends to attract great friends, healthy relationships and great careers. You know how to listen to others and to reflect back what they said, making them feel genuinely heard and comfortable around you. You project an aura of confidence and never shy away from giving help to those you love.

It could be said that you’re a pro when it comes to empathizing with others. You have deep love in your heart for a large amount of people in your life. People around you sense and feel this, and they trust you and can easily open up to you. You try your best to stay positive each day, are reliable, and you remember what your friends say. One of your most beautiful qualities is that you’re not just friendly to the people close to you, but you’re also friendly to strangers and people who you just meet. Call it kindness, call it love, you’re just an absolute joy to be around, and the people in your circle are lucky to have you in their lives.

2. Incredible

If you first saw the word Incredible, then you are a person with almost too many positive qualities to count: you’re open, social, friendly, kind, communicative, humble, sensitive to others, flexible, honest and a down to earth person. While you may not have had the easiest life to say the least, you’ve trained and educated yourself to succeed in anything your heart is passionate about.

You have a high level of emotional intelligence, and can stay calm and patient under pressure, giving you an aura of leadership that others find attractive about you. Adventure is your middle name, and one of your greatest joys is traveling the world while learning fun and interesting things about various cultures.

You tend to leave a deep and meaningful impact on others which helps them find and create the lives they’ve been longing for. Even though you’ve built most of your wonderful life yourself, remember to help others along the way, as like in a garden; when every flower blooms, it makes the world a more beautiful place.

3. Shine

“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”

If Shine is the first word you saw, then you have a bright personality that warms those around you. True self-acceptance has given you an inner confidence that allows you to love all parts of yourself, and allows every inner piece of you to come into the light. This warm self-embrace radiates outward and causes others to feel really okay and genuinely happy around you.

Your Shine is also all about being present and in the moment. Nothing productive ever came from wishing you were somewhere else or doing something different, so you’ve learned to fully live in the present and to make the most of each day. As you’ve learned that you have a wonderful and unique set of skills and talents, you also have seen that each person around you also has their own set of amazing talents. You strive to help others bring out the best in themselves as well, as you know that when everyone shines together, the world becomes a more beautiful place.

4. Truth

The truth will set you free, but many of us can be uneasy about always facing the truth. If this was the word that you saw, you are a person who persists in looking for and upholding the truth you know. You are a person who seeks deeply within themselves for answers about life and have found that being deeply honest within helps you to find clarity within your own experience. There is a certain clarity that exists deep within your heart, in a space of openness and softness. As you align your focus with this incredibly bright space within, everything becomes illuminated and opened to you, and you can see things as they really are.

You are straightforward and forthright in what you say. To you, it is better to say what is true, no matter what the case may be, rather than give out false assurances in the form of sweet lies. When you stay true to your heart, you are bound to discover the deep meaning of life.

5. Kind

Those who practice genuine kindness are truly people to be valued in life. If this was the first word that caught your eye, then you are one of the treasured people who possess this wonderful skill and ability. Kind people like you make the world go round.

You may not always receive the same treatment from others that you give, but that is the essence of kindness, you do not expect anything in return. Yet you will find that those around you will answer you with kindness when you find yourself needing it the most.

6. Given

Did you see ‘Given’ first? If so, then you’ve found your life’s purpose and you are committed to your cause. You’ve known in your heart for a while what your true passions are, and have figured out what you love the most in life.

You are given to what you know and love most within. Your kind and compassionate nature motivates you to help make the world a better place, and each day this is on your mind. As you listen to your heart, the answers come. Have faith in what your heart tells you, and stay given to the loving drive you know is true. Keep going, and you’ll be glad you didn’t give up.

7. Love

If love is the word that caught your attention, you are a person whose heart overflows with love and you see loving experiences everywhere you go. You have a very kind and warm personality and you generously share it with others. If you’re not currently in a relationship, then your love might be waiting for you, and if you are already happily in one, then the two of you can count on a long-lasting and happy union.

To you, love conquers all, and it matters more than anything else. Your love is deep and pure and not a lot of people can love unconditionally like you do. Learning to love deeply may be one of the most important skills we can learn in our lifetime. It’s important to start within; as we foster feelings of love for ourselves, it naturally begins to pour outwards as we start to really and genuinely love one another.

Which word did you see first? Let us know in the comments.

Have a beautiful day.

You are Loved.

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