What Did You See First? Discover What It Reveals About You…

The mind has an interesting way of deciding what we perceive with our eyes. Our perception is shaped by our past experiences, and can contain hints about our personality.

When looking at the picture, what did you see when you first looked at it? The columns? Or the people between the columns?

Read below to discover what it reveals about your personality:

The Pillars:

If you first saw the pillars in this image, it represents both practicality and also being confined by one’s own imagined limits. While grounded in the real world and within a comfort zone, your mind doesn’t shape the picture on its own to make it what it “could be,” but rather sees it for what it is instantly.

You tend to make decisions rationally without being clouded by emotions, and this makes you wonderfully dependable to those in your life. You’re loyal, honest and tend to be upfront and direct about things rather than beat around the bush.

Always seeing things how they are can be limiting at times, as creative imagination is also needed to see what is true beyond our own conditioning. Listen to and follow your heart, step out of your comfort zone from time to time and see what kinds of adventure life has in store for you. You just might find some very interesting people along the way.

The People Between The Pillars:

If you first saw the silhouettes of people in this picture, it shows you are not bound by self-created limitations and tend to be a people oriented person. Sensitive by nature, you are highly observant of the behavior of others and sometimes easily take what they say and do to heart.

You are also highly imaginative and creative, and have great potential to help those around you. Stay grounded and in balance by practicing self-compassion; nurture your sensitive side by feeling love for the ‘you’ that’s within your vulnerable feelings. Once you have a solid base of inner love within your heart, that love can extend to the small details you notice in others; places in which they need love.

Those who saw the people first tend to have good relationships in their lives, and are sensitive to the needs of others. Strengthening your communication skills, such as with using non-violent communication, can work wonders in your life.

How about this picture below? What do you see first?

This image is commonly known as the ‘Rubin’s vase,’ named after the psychologist who first came up with it to explain how people’s perceptions of the world differ. It was later used by doctors to learn about what prompted people to see the vase first and others to see the faces first.

The Rubin Vase illusion is an example of an ambiguous figure/ground example. The visual system interprets patterns in terms of external objects. To do this, the visual system distinguishes objects (figure) from background (ground). In the Rubin Vase example, when the faces are considered background, you will see the vase as figure, and vice versa.

Contours also play an important role. The observer’s “perceptual set” and individual interests can also bias the situation. Biasing the shapes or contours can make one interpretation stronger than the other one. This particular picture example involves higher cortical processing, because previously stored information about vases and faces are resourced.

The Faces:

If you see the faces first, you tend to be influenced by external stimuli and are likely an extrovert who gains energy and has a good time when interacting with others. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you, and be kind to those who need your help.

The Candlestick:

If you first saw the candlestick, it shows your inclination towards an introverted way of life where your energy and motivation comes from within. You have great potential to succeed in life if you can get through your concerns. Training, such as yoga, can help you learn to enjoy working through your minor physical discomforts, pains and feelings for the great benefit of relaxation and inner peace.

Were these interpretations accurate for you?

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You are loved, have a beautiful day.