Fun Test: What Does The First Letter Of Your Name Reveal About You?

Below, you’ll find what the first letter of your name says about your personality.

A. You come off as ill-mannered and egotistical, but in reality you just really know what you want in life. You don’t like beating around the bush so you are very direct.

B. Aside from being sensitive and empathic, you are also a very private person. Privacy is important to you and you want other people to respect it.

C. You’re a combination of both a social butterfly and a person who loves to be in control. You can’t stand being alone and you like to be surrounded by people. You often want to have control over every aspect of your life.

D. Your tough exterior shows your strong and resilient side and people often get intimidated. They do not often see that within that exterior is a very kind and caring soul.

E. You believe that healthy communication is key and you feel the need to stimulate your brain on a daily basis. Intelligence is what draws you to other people.

F. An ‘eternal romantic’ is how you are often described. Loyalty, romance, and love are the concepts you stand for. You also have this very nurturing quality. You seek the same traits in a partner.

G. A perfectionist at best. You don’t fancy just sitting around doing nothing and so you seek action daily. You are attracted to confident and intelligent people.

H. You are truly perseverant. You will do whatever it takes to reach your dreams. You are very passionate and driven. You despise mediocrity which might be the reason for your success.

I. Self-important or self-centered are two ways to define you. You feel and prefer to live like a God. You love being praised and getting attention. Materialistic, you prefer luxury over human attachment.

J. People are intrigued by the amount of energy you have and it inspires them. Loyalty and commitment is of great importance to you which makes you capable of enduring even the most difficult relationships.

K. You appear somewhat like a shy and reserved person to people. But this is until they get to know the real you. They will see your amazing, humorous and charming nature.

L. Compassionate and nurturing, you constantly feel the need to take care of someone as doing so makes you feel fulfilled.

M. Extremely flexible. You have this amazing ability to adapt to almost anything in order to win. You believe in perfection and will stop at nothing to achieve it.

N. You are very artistic and you like thinking outside the box. Your creativity is a breath of fresh air.

O. You have your own rules and set up your own boundaries. You demand that people respect your way of life and are actually really sensitive about it.

P. What people think of you is something you really care about. This motivates you to become the best person you can be. Your social status is a priority and you’re also drawn to power.

Q. A real thrill-seeker. You are in constant search for adventure. You love to explore new things and travel around the world and experience new things that can change your life.

R. You will always be more drawn to intellect than physical appearance. Constantly upgrading your intelligence in your only goal and will do anything to make this happen.

S. A very selfless and generous person, you tend to always put others first before yourself.

T. You’re the type of person who loves routine. You live by it every day and you hate interruptions. Because of this, you dislike changes and prefer to only stick to your plan.

U. You are very optimistic and enthusiastic. People are motivated by the way you stay positive even in difficult situations.

V. You were raised to be independent and sometimes come off as selfish. You don’t like people being around in your space.

W. A very self-important person, you value yourself more than anything else.

X. You are very efficient in multitasking. You love performing several things at once as this keeps your mind from being idle and wandering.

Y. It’s not that you hate having emotions; it’s just that you are against using them. You want things to go your way and you want to be in control over your life.

Z. You are obsessed with love, even when it goes hand in hand with pain and suffering, which is often why you end up hurt.