8 Things To Do To Keep Your Man

8 Things To Do To Keep Your Man

Needless to say, it can be a challenge to be a woman in today’s world. Especially when it comes to deciphering and trying to understand these complicated and interesting creatures known as “Men”. Some claim that ‘all men are the same’, but of course this is not true. Getting started with and maintaining a healthy relationship with a man has become struggle for many of us, so we decided to make it a bit easier by giving you some tips on how to keep them.

Here’s what you should know:

1. Keep Calm
A man seeks a sanctuary of peace in his woman. Much as his mother was his home for emotional support, he often seeks the same in you. If you can keep your composure even in the most trying of situations, you will find every man wanting to be with you. On the other hand, if you tend to react over the little things, then you may want to consider a more gentle shift in your attitude. Try yoga, or another peace-inducing class to learn to maintain an aura of calm within stressful situations, and this new level of emotional peace will surely help you keep your man.

2. Showcase Your Intellect
Your man isn’t just in love with the beautiful you, but also with the intelligent you. A man wants the both of you to be intellectually engaged; having conversations on various topics and intellectual exchanges concerning both of your interests. Yes, attraction often begins with looks, but remember that it is your wits that will keep him wanting more.

3. Honesty Is Key
Relationships stained with dishonesty rarely survive. Men adore women who are honest with them; it helps them feel secure. Learn how to trust your man and be open to him, and he will do the same. Trust each other by being open, honest and by having your actions match your words at all times. Doing so will deepen your relationship by leaps and bounds.

4. Learn To Care
A man seeks a woman who will genuinely take care of him. He needs support, and once he receives it, he won’t think twice about reciprocating and will shower you with his love. He desires to have a woman who is not afraid to show him how much she cares.

5. Make Him Laugh
Humor is one of many secrets in keeping a relationship. Nothing quite compares with a positive outlook in life and men love women who know how to enjoy every minute of it. Good humor can lighten the load of even the most stressful situations. And it will keep your man anchored by your side with good times, laughter and smiles.

6. Respect Yourself
A man will really respect you if he sees that you value, love and respect yourself. Build up your self-worth and learn to practice self compassion. Never let anyone put you down, not even your man! We all make mistakes, but we are always good enough as human beings. Keep this in mind, and take note, however, of the difference between ego and self-respect. Your man will love you even more for it.

7. Be Kind
There’s no way a pretty face can attract a man if it is coupled with bad intentions. Being mean never attracted anyone. Men prefer their ladies to be kind-hearted, caring and well-behaved. Evolutionarily, women who showed signs of support tended to be good mothers that helped their offspring survive. Men can instinctually pick up on this, and a kind woman fills this need he has deep within his DNA. A kind woman is one he will take seriously and will be proud of.

8. Be Romantic
Being romantic can mean showering your man with attention and love, or by simply giving him support and letting him know that you are there for him always. Even after years of being together, one simple romantic gesture can make your hearts bloom like new again. He will fall in love all over again and realize how blessed he is to have you in his life.