If You Have A Letter ‘M’ On The Palm Of Your Hand, This Is What It Means…

Fortune telling through palm reading has been fascinating to people for thousands of years. If given an opportunity to visit a palm reader, admit it or not, most of us would probably take the chance to see what they had to tell us.

Several thousand years ago in India, it is believed that texts were written describing how to interpret the lines on the palms. The knowledge quickly spread all over the world, and appeared in the I Ching of China, and later became popular in Rome and throughout Europe.

It is tempting to find out what the future holds for each of us. Even Alexander the great, when showed palm reading by Aristotle, used it to determine his military generals and to guide many decisions. Palm reading has an inviting charm that entices one’s curiosity.

Palm readers usually base their predictions and guidance on the shapes they see in the person’s palm. This includes everything, from the angle of the lines on the palm to the length of the pinky fingers.

They’re usually paying the closest attention to the three main lines that often intersect on most palms, which are are referred to as the Heart Line, the Life Line, and the Head Line. These three lines are said to present the fortune-teller with information related to one’s lifestyle and future.

Occasionally however, a master of palm reading may be able to look at your hand and see much, much more than the typical three lines reveal, especially if they happen to intersect to create the letter ‘M’ on your palm.

The following explains how to find if the letter ‘M’ is on your palm and how to understand what it means:

The letter ‘M’ on the palm comes from the combination of the three major lines in palmistry; the heart line, the head line and the life line. Not everyone has this defined combination, and as it is somewhat rare those who have it are said to be special. Good fortune and blessings tend to follow them and they often excel in their careers and life paths as they are blessed with a strong willpower and determination.

Their strong sense of motivation and general kind attitude towards others allows them to rise to the top and to be followed by others. Their sense of intuition is often spot on, and when they are in tune with the deep knowings in their hearts, what they set their minds to often results in great success. This makes them wonderful business partners and significant others in relationships for those who love enjoying the abundance and fullness of life.

Those with the letter ‘M’ on their palms are also gifted with the ability to quickly discern what is true from what is not. It is said that “nothing gets past them,” and they tend to accept nothing short of complete honesty.

The letter ‘M’ has long been associated with leadership, good fortune, generosity, helping others and riches. Folklore has related these individuals to great leaders and prophets of the past.

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If an ‘M’ is on your palm, consider taking some quiet time alone and listening to the quiet whispers of your heart. You likely have an ever present movement of love, openness and softness that is guiding you in the direction that will be the best for your life. It takes relaxing and quieting the mind to be able to focus and listen to this special home within the heart, and with enough practice you can surely align with your true self within the heart and the blessings that are in your future.