What You Notice First Can Tell You A Lot About Your Personality

From the Rorschach inkblot test to the Meyers-Briggs personality test, psychologists have often found many interesting and creative ways to discover certain aspects of our personalities. From the images we first notice to our personal preferences, it can be fun to see what our mind is telling us based on our first perceptions.

Take a look at the picture below and remember what you notice first. What you see first may tell you about who you are on the inside and reveal something about your perception of life:

The Letter ‘A’

If you saw the letter ‘A’, which is quite arguably the most difficult image to find within this picture, it means you have a sharp eye for detail unmatched by most. Those who see the letter A tend to have powerful deductive reasoning skills, able to pickup on clues from certain situations and discover the truth of what happened.

You likely have been drawn to detective related stories, TV shows or movies at some point in your life, and your ability to solve puzzles is another indicator of your high intelligence. Those who see the letter ‘A’ are typically great listeners and able to stay fully aware when listening to someone. You likely are extremely good at reading people’s emotions and in detecting their underlying intentions after exchanging a relatively short amount of words. You know when someone tells you the truth, and when they don’t.

You have a strong sense of intuition, and possibly a hint of sensitivity. Remember that even though you are able to see and understand and extraordinary amount of the details concerning yourself and others, warm acceptance of things as they are is the sure-way to bringing about inner peace. When you practice deep acceptance of things being okay just the way they are, your self-esteem will elevate you to being a truly wonderful support and benefit for those around you.

The Man With Binoculars

If you first noticed the man with binoculars, it indicates that you are a highly creative person who tends to see the bigger picture in life. You don’t sweat the small stuff, and tend to lead a generally happy life. You’re a fast learner and are able to absorb information quickly, and most likely have excelled to a very high degree in certain creative areas in your life. It’s useful to remember that sometimes details are important too, so maintain your stress-free outlook but try to pickup on the little things that resonate within your heart.

Those who saw the man with binoculars tend to be visionary people whose genius is expressed in their creative and unique ideas. You may have several projects that you are working on at the same time, and while busywork is not appealing to you, you can see the fruitful outcomes that your brilliant ideas and projects will lead to.

Your heart is your guide more than your mind, and the very wise would agree with this way of being you’ve developed. You are a good natured human being, and if you could heal whole world you truly would. Maintain your focus within your heart from a space of love, and the things you envision will be so beautiful that the people around you will want to help you achieve your dreams.

The Car

If you first saw the car, it suggests that freedom is deeply important to you. Being able to travel when you want, to see the place you love to see, and to explore and engage in new adventures is one of your life’s passions. You choose, think and act without needing approval from others. You trust yourself, and your friends might even describe you as bold. You follow your heart when it comes to big decisions in your life, and you know why things such as love, compassion and adventure are important in life, and you’re not afraid to say so.

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You tend to take life at your own pace, and maintaining a certain level of independence and control over your life is important to you. You like to do what comes naturally, and seeing as the car is the smaller part of the picture, you have a keen eye for details. Between you and your friends, you likely are able to find the best deals when traveling, or even shopping for that matter.

Those who first see the car can also have a habit of overthinking certain situations or feelings. Stay balanced during stressful times by practicing self-care; read your favorite book while drinking some warm tea, take a warm bath, take yourself to see a movie, get some exercise, practice self-compassion. All of these things can keep you grounded in your heart and body, and can allow for truly great times to occur.

What did you notice first? Let us know in the comments.

Stay focused on your heart, love and compassion, and we wish you a beautiful day. You are loved.