Fun Visual: What You See First in This Image Identifies Your Hidden Inner Self

“There’s more than meets the eye.”

There is usually more to life than what meets the eye, and in this case what catches your attention first is the most important. Similar to inkblot tests, what you first see when looking at this image can reveal aspects of your hidden inner or subconscious self.

In this fun visual test, take a quick glance at the image and remember what object you saw first. Then read below and shine some light the some of the possibilities that you never knew about yourself:


The tree exists in the center of the image and many people are drawn to it.

It suggests that you are a logical person and prefer to rely on reason rather than your feelings in life. This can be beneficial for your career and in making big life decisions, but it can also lead to being unaware of one’s feelings if not enough time is spent in recognizing them. Limitations can also exist as being logical can have you strive for what is achievable, rather than what you truly want in your heart.

Without expanding your horizons, your goals and life plans may stay smaller than the great potential you have within your heart.

Taking risks also can seem as illogical or not worth it, and while this keeps you safe most of the time, it can also hinder new adventures and opportunities. Being spontaneous can open wonderful doors in your life that you never dreamed possible, so make an effort to be a little adventurous from time to time.

You’re leadership skills are strong, as you have spent the time to learn and master what it is you do. When you understand something, people are quick to believe what you say about it. Yet knowing so much, there is often no one there to guide you.

You must learn to be your own guide to greatness, and learn to listen to the quiet voice within your heart, that is always whispering to you from a place of love what it is you truly desire. Great things can be accomplished when you follow this voice.


If you first saw the Gorilla, it implies you are a strong individual with a deep sense to help others. You tend to place high expectations on yourself, and this can lead you to doubt your wonderful efforts even when they are quite incredible ‘as is’.

You often keep yourself busy, even when you’re meant to take some much needed time for yourself to relax and rejuvenate. You love learning new things, which is a wonderful passion of yours, and it can be difficult to balance this drive to succeed and explore with much needed time for self-compassion and rest.

By always pressuring yourself to do better, you’re actually feeding the feelings of self-criticism and ‘not enoughness’, and these feelings can lead to disappointment.

Try not to be too hard on yourself by acknowledging the good work that you do. Remember that doing your best is good enough, and that you yourself are always good enough, just the way you are. Real strength comes from the inner confidence of knowing that we are absolutely perfect, just the way we are.

While using your strength to help others, remember that you can’t pour from an empty cup; remember to take care of yourself too. Make time each day to do something that you love and enjoy, whether it’s enjoying a cup of tea, reading a book, taking a walk in nature, playing with your dog, or enjoying time with family.

Once you are at your full energy, the love and kindness you constantly show to others will also be at full energy, and you will create many beautiful acts that people are truly grateful for.


If the lion caught your eye, you’re a wild soul unwilling to be tamed.

Living by the rules and being afraid of the opinions of others are two things that have never been interesting to you. You have a strong intuition and deep instinct that guides your decisions, and sometimes prefer to listen to your heart rather than your head. This can create a very exciting and fun way of living, just make sure to respect the feelings of others along the way and to not hurt anyone by accident.

Cages can’t hold you, and your creativity is a bit beyond ‘thinking outside of the box.’ Your strong passions sometimes get you into ‘interesting’ situations, but deep down you’re a very caring person with a strong desire to love and be loved in return. Taking a little time to quiet your mind and feelings can allow the brilliant ideas that exist within your soft and gentle heart to come forth. Respect and honor these ambitions, even if they don’t completely make sense all of the time. The love in your heart combined with your strong intuition truly knows what’s good for you.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it, as this does not weaken you, but actually makes you stronger.

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The fish is hiding in plain sight, and that can also be said about some aspects hidden within your personality. You fit well into your life, you tend to get along well with your co-workers and people feel very comfortable around you. Yet even when you have everything seemingly figured out in your day-to-day, something deep within your soul tells you that there is something more to life.

Let some of your inner qualities come to light, such as your caring nature and warm heart, and these can develop into passionate quests that make your life worth living.

Those who first see the fish also tend to have a keen attention to detail, and thrive when spending time enjoying the beauty of nature. When someone in your circle has a problem or needs someone to talk to, you are one of the first people they reach out to because they can count on your gentle listening ear.

You’re a truly good person, and you try to treat everyone with love and understanding, and you know that the good you give, eventually makes its way back to you.

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You are Loved.