What You See First Will Reveal Your Dominant Personality Traits

Did you know that how we perceive images can tell us a lot about our personality? For many decades, images have been used in psychological tests; one example would be the infamous Rorschach Inkblot Test. It was primarily a method to examine personality characteristics and emotional health as well.

Take a quick look at the picture below – what is the first thing that comes to your mind?


If you saw a girl in the image, this means that you…

  • Have a mysterious aura
  • Are charming and well-liked by your peers
  • Possess a unique sense of creativity

Seeing a girl in the photo means that you are inventive. Many people think that you have a special kind of charm, perhaps this is because of the fact that your mysteriousness draws people in closer to you. They are curious about you and you know it, which is why you tend to use this as a chance to build relationships.

Even though you are not the type who would share everything about yourself easily, this does not mean that you do not open yourself up to love. Once you have found someone whom your heart desires, you learn to trust them bit by bit.


If you saw a skull in the image, it tells you that you…

  • Are soft-hearted, caring and sensitive
  • Have great understanding of other people’s feelings
  • Are open-minded and flexible to the opinions of others

People often praise you for your patience and tolerance, no matter how difficult or pressing a situation can be. Along with your great ability to empathize and understand other people’s situations, you are also very wise. You may be the friend everyone goes to when they need good, sensible and practical advice. You are also quite generous to anyone who is in need!

Apart from being kind and helpful, you also have the ability to judge fairly and rationally – a rare characteristic for someone who tends to connect with their emotions often.

Sight Outside

If you see the sight outside looking into the woods, it symbolizes that you…

  • Are Considerate and unselfish towards others
  • Are passionate about the things you love
  • Love humor and have a good sense of it

Seeing the sight beyond means that you are quite active and adventurous. Many people love having you around because you make them happy with your humor. It is never a party without you because many people believe that you have a great skill of setting the mood.

You are the type of person who does not have to think twice when given a good opportunity. You are brave, decisive and ready to take action any time chances come your way. Many people look up to you and are convinced that you are an accountable person because you make decisions quickly and stick to them firmly no matter what.